Television property presenter Kristian Digby admits to feeling a sense of superiority when he set about building his own dream home – a super-modern detached two-bedroom statement home in Stratford, East London, that would be filled with natural light to create a spacious atmosphere.

But Digby and his architect Ben Paul, of Neu Architects, were faced with a major obstacle: Significant constraints on the site would only permit the use of windows in certain positions, limiting the amount of natural light available in the property.

A solution was found in incorporating rooflights into the design to harness the light from the skies over East London. Glazing Vision, the Suffolk-based rooflight manufacturers, created innovative designs to enhance the property’s aesthetic qualities while fulfilling the practical objective.

Glazing Vision built two sliding rooflights which retract in one panel, creating a 100% clear opening, and two Fixed Flushglaze rooflights. The Flushglaze range delivers maximum daylight due to no internally visible framework, combined with high energy efficiency. High-tech additions, such as remote control and automatic climatic control, add a luxurious touch, while high-level safety devices are fitted as standard.

Letting the sunshine in

"The rooflights work beautifully and channel significant amounts of light into areas that we simply couldn’t have otherwise," said architect Ben Paul. A film crew recorded the manufacture of Digby’s rooflights and a flying visit from Digby in between the filming of his BBC1 show To Buy or Not to Buy. Digby said he was thrilled with his minimalist home, with its clean lines, acres of glass and abundance of natural light.

All Glazing Vision products are manufactured at the company’s production plant in Suffolk, England. Each unit is pre-assembled and tested prior to being shipped to customers worldwide. Strong design skills, based on solid engineering and manufacturing principles, ensure that Glazing Vision products satisfy the demand for minimal framework, concealed operating mechanisms and no internally visible framework. From this committed operating base, the company is able to expand their international profile while continuing to deliver unrivalled customer service to the domestic market.