ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is a world-leading provider of automatic entrance solutions that are designed to meet virtually any customer need. The company’s product range, sold under the brand name Besam, includes automatic swing doors, automatic sliding doors, automatic revolving doors, air curtains and a comprehensive service and maintenance programme.

Since its founding in Landskrona, Sweden, in 1962, Besam has installed over 1,000,000 doors in healthcare, retail, hospitality and transportation industry settings around the world.

Automatic swing doors

For both interior and exterior use, Besam’s swing door solutions can be optimised for many types of doors and blend well into different environments. The range includes both fire-approved heavy-duty and low-energy operators. Door packages can be delivered with the arm system concealed in the top of the doorframe. Besam swing door operators are ideal for both retrofit and new installations.

Automatic sliding doors

Besam's sliding door systems are supplied as a complete package and are especially appropriate for environments with high traffic flow, as well as in entrances and exits that must accommodate customer trolleys or wheelchairs. Besam also offers operator-only solutions that integrate with doors and screens provided by other manufacturers. The range includes the UniSlide frame, slim, transparent (full glass door) and semi-transparent profile systems, the Resilience hurricane-rated door, hermetic doors and a curved sliding door that produces an elegant door in three dimensions.

Besam’s automatic revolving door range includes two, three and four-wing solutions that combine impressive appearance with effective separation of indoor and outdoor climates.
Besam automatic sliding doors are available in a number of models, including a hermetic door for clean room environments such as hospital operating rooms, laboratories and food-preparation areas.
Besam automatic swing door solutions blend well into different environments and are ideal for both retrofit and new installations.
Automatic entrances are especially suited to retail environments, where users are frequently carrying parcels or pushing shopping trolleys. The combination of Besam automatic doors and air curtains enhance comfort and improve energy savings.
Besam’s international network of service teams and technicians is uniquely positioned to service all automatic doors, regardless of the manufacturer.

Automatic revolving doors

The best entrance solution for when the interior environment is a priority is an automatic revolving door. Besam revolving doors come in two, three and four-wing models that offer an impressive appearance while effectively separating indoor and outdoor climates. The range includes three and four-wing models with one-way access control, as well as a four-wing revolving door that can be configured for two-way access control. Large-capacity two and three-wing models suitable for high-traffic applications are also available.

Air curtains

An air curtain creates an ‘invisible door’ using an air stream that effectively separates the outdoor and indoor air temperatures when the physical door is open. Paired with a Besam automatic door, air curtains enhance comfort, create more usable space and help minimise energy consumption. The product line includes air curtains that can be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on the configuration of the entrance, and airflow can be heated by electricity or water.

Automatic door service and maintenance

All Besam products and services are backed by over 45 years of engineering experience as well as a wealth of application expertise. Besam’s international network of service teams and technicians is uniquely positioned to service all automatic doors, regardless of the manufacturer.

Besam offers a range of service plans that can be tailored to individual needs. From planned maintenance over the life cycle of the entrance to regular safety inspections to emergency breakdown service, Besam certified technicians provide peace of mind that your doors are operating optimally.

About ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

The company now employs 2,750 people in 30 countries and is represented by professional distributors and certified installers in an additional 55 countries. Production facilities are located in Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, the USA, and China.

Our global resources, local market knowledge and end-customer focus make us an ideal partner for creating a wide range of safe, convenient and reliable entrance solutions.