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The VM ZINC® brand name represents a full range of titanium-zinc products in the form of sheets, coils and manufactured systems. This range is manufactured and marketed worldwide by the Umicore Group.


This warm, luminous, highly expressive material responds freely to the play of light, its colours shifting to reflect the changing hues of the sky. Because of its mechanical and aesthetic flexibility it lends itself to the creation of an often original, sometimes unexpected, but always happy marriage with other materials such as wood, brick, cement, glass.

VM ZINC® is the only zinc producer in the world to offer five pre-weathered surface appearances. These are obtained by immersing natural VM ZINC in a solution which modifies the crystalline structure. This treatment is a durable conversion of the metals surface structure. It is therefore not a coated finish but a genuine, long-lasting treatment of the surface.

Roofing systems in VM ZINC offer almost unlimited freedom of expression in roof design.
VM ZINC is the only zinc producer in the world to offer five pre-weathered surface appearances - obtained by immersing natural VM ZINC in a solution which modifies the crystalline structure.
Umicore's PLULINE D rainwater evacuation system is a ready-to-glue rainwater system made of pre-weathered QUARTZ-ZINC and ANTHRA-ZINC, specifically designed for houses and conservatories.

QUARTZ-ZINC® offers an appearance and texture close to the patina developed by natural VM ZINC.

ANTHRA-ZINC® is covered on both sides with a surface treatment with anti-corrosion agents. Its name reflects the charcoal colour, offering many combination possibilities.

The PIGMENTO® range is based on QUARTZ-ZINC to which mineral pigments are added. It is available in blue, red and green. This coloured finish preserves the naturally grained texture of pre-weathered zinc.

The coating and pigments do not in any way alter the environmental properties of pre-weathered VM ZINC.


Zinc protects itself and has an exceptionally long life span (40 years in an aggressive urban environment to 100 years in a protected rural environment). It requires nearly no maintenance. Zinc continues to develop its protective layer throughout its life and will self-repair imperfections and scratches.


More than 90% of the zinc used in the building industry is recycled. Less energy is required to produce zinc than the other principal metals.

Umicore applies zinc to all the functions of a building including:

  • Roofing
  • Façade
  • PLULINE rainwater evacuation systems
  • VM ZINC ornaments under the brand name Ateliers d’Art Français


Umicore’s roofing systems are suitable for all roof pitches above 3° (5%) and for all types of roofs (straight, curved, folded). It offers almost unlimited freedom of expression in roof design.


Umicore provide longlasting and malleable façade systems which can adapt to all façades such as straight and curved shaped façades.


Umicore’s PLULINE D rainwater evacuation system is a ready-to-glue rainwater system made of pre-weathered QUARTZ-ZINC and ANTHRA-ZINC, specifically designed for houses and conservatories. It comes delivered in special kits with gutters, concealed brackets, stop ends, corners, running outlets, downpipes and selflocking pipebrackets.

The features and benefits of PLULINE D’s rainwater evacuation system includes:

  • High-quality material
  • Durable: high life expectancy
  • Superb aesthetics
  • Strength not affected by UV
  • Strong in any weather conditions
  • Sleeve connection on pipes
  • Good flow rates and discharge of water
  • Self-locking downpipe brackets

Press Releases

  • Zinc Facade for Manchester University Research Centre

    The AV Hill building at Manchester University is a pound;30m research centre shared between the faculties of life sciences and medical and human sciences. Designed by architects Wilson Mason and Partners, it houses 300 scientists in 50 research groups focussing mainly on neuroscience and immunolo

  • VMZINC PIGMENTO Red Focal Point for Landmark Waterfront Development

    VMZINC shingles in PIGMENTO red have been used on module 1 of University Campus Suffolk's landmark development at Orwell Quay in Ipswich. The first of six phases has provided predominantly student accommodation within the rapidly transforming Ipswich Waterfront. The subtle red of the zi

  • Zinc Key to Heritage Restoration

    Among the many heritage refurbishment projects being undertaken by traditional metal roofing contractors, VMZINC is now providing specialist advice to a growing number of architects. Experience drawn from regular restoration work using zinc throughout Europe has led to the company supplying mater

  • Zinc Standing Seam Focal Point for Park Lane Skyline

    The new spa at Park Lane's Four Seasons Hotel, designed by Eric Parry Architects, utilised the VM ZINC PLUS® standing seam system on the rooftop extension. Planning requirements required a perfectly curved warm roof build-up which, due to the spa's humidity levels, had to meet BS 52

  • Compact Zinc Roof Build-Up Hits the Heights at Heron Tower

    Heron Tower is undoubtedly set to become one of the best known landmarks on the central London skyline. The VMZINC PLUS® standing seam system was used on the 38th and 41st floor roofs of the 46 storey building, making it among the tallest in which the compact warm roof system has been used.

  • Umicore VMZINC in Top Five of World's 100 Most Sustainable Corporations

    Umicore VMZINC has been ranked fifth in the 2011 top 100 of the world's most sustainable companies by Corporate Knights, an independent magazine focused on promoting sustainable development. The seventh edition of the Global 100 includes companies from 22 countries encompassing all sect

  • Three New Sustainability Milestones for VMZINC

    Three key assessments of performance have added further weight to VMZINC's sustainability credentials. The award of a BRE Green Guide A+ rating for the company's standing seam roofing system on boards was accompanied by the overlapping panel system achieving an environmental profile score of 0.84

  • Who’s Using Zinc Now?

    Architects Mountford Pigott have specified VMZINC PLUS® in QUARTZ-ZINC® to create a highly unusual design for the new McDonalds in Eureka Park Ashford. The system was chosen to provide a visually continuous warm roof across the curved span without unsightly ventilation details.<

  • VMZINC Overlapping Panels

    The VMZINC 200 'click-fix' overlapping panel system provides the ideal alternative to conventional shiplap timber cladding. A Paslode® air nailer is used to fix panels to battens though, unlike timber, click-fix does not lose its colour or need regular maintenance. Panels are of t

  • VM ZINC Landmark for £100m College Development

    Austin Smith Lord’s design of the £100m Stockport College redevelopment included 8,000m² of VM ZINC flat lock zinc tiles together with interlocking and sine wave horizontal panels. The ANTHRA-ZINC® facades provide yet further illustration of how zinc combines well with glass in the prov

  • VMZINC to Attend Ecobuild 2011

    For Ecobuild 2011, rolled zinc market leader VMZINC will be exhibiting its new G3 range of standing seam ridge and eaves flashing accessories. Also being shown are standing seam, interlocking panel and overlapping panel systems in 5 pre-weathered colours. These include PIGMENTO® green, blue

  • Zinc Rainwater System Cheaper than Aluminium

    The new VMZINC 'Rainwatersystem D' brochure details how zinc can be used for its distinctive visual appearance while invariably costing less than aluminium. Available in half-round, box and OG profiles in pre-weathered (black) ANTHRA-ZINC® and (grey) QUARTZ-ZINC®, the system offers guar

  • Zinc Changes the Face of Interiors

    Zinc is undoubtedly achieving increasing prominence as a façade and roofing material through projects of increasingly high profile. Its sustainability is reflected by an already thriving recycling market which, in western Europe, is already seeing around 90% of old rolled zinc being reus

  • Zinc Hits Record Heights

    At 37 storeys and 104m tall, the £80m Sky Plaza's 349,000ft² of student accommodation and 4,400² of ancillary retail space is already a focal point of the Leeds skyline. By far the tallest student accommodation building in the world, it is also thought to be the biggest

  • Zinc for new Campbeltown Police Office

    In keeping with a growing trend in commercial building design, zinc has been chosen for the roof of Campbeltown’s new £5.5 million police office. Built on a brown field development site in Hazelburn Business Park, the specification incorporated the VM Zinc Plus® standing seam system as its protec

  • Zinc Adds Flair to £4.4 million Craft Centre

    The newly built £4.4 million Craft Centre in Ruthin, Denbighshire, one of ten galleries to be shortlisted for the £100,000 Art Fund Prize, used VMZINC cladding and roofing throughout. In terms of displaying the best in hard metal contracting, the centre has undoubtedly set an enviable standard. I

  • RIBA Award Winning Zinc and Timber Design on Stilts

    VMZINC’s standing seam cladding system in ANTHRA-ZINC® has been used on 'Hind House', a 242m2 flat roof dwelling built on raised columns on flood plain. It won the RIBA Southern Region Award for design, Henry Goss of John Pardey Architects commenting, “….We liked the colour range and te

  • VMZINC Interlocking Panels first with BRE Certification

    VMZINC has become the first UK supplier to receive BRE certification for its zinc interlocking panel façade systems. The BRE Certificate involves detailed inspection of all aspects of the manufacturing process as well all other components that make up the system. Used extensively for new construc

  • New VMZINC Rainwater System D Brochure

    The new VMZINC Rainwater System D brochure details how its distinctive visual appearance enables the product to provide greater design scope than traditional products. The use of concealed brackets creates a flowing gutter line in a metal which is long-lasting and far lighter than cast iron. Rain

  • Zinc All Round for Unique New School

    "Futuristic" is far from an unworthy description of the newly built Welsh Assembly government-funded Abergwynfi Primary School. The £4 million project has created a landmark for the former Afan Valley mining village, but the term hardly does justice to a design that is without doubt a break

  • Zinc Cladding – A Vision of Sustainability

    While the increasing specification of zinc owes much to its versatility, comments from architects invariably confirm that factors other than design scope have influenced their choice. The end result is visually distinctive, and diverse projects are providing an effective "shop window" for what ca

  • Zinc Makes Sustainability Child's Play

    Falmouth School's striking new "saw-tooth"-shaped design and technology block is a perfect example of the design scope zinc provides. Its increasing popularity for diverse projects owes much to the unique, lasting, pre-weathered colours in which VM Zinc manufactures standing seam roofi

  • VM Zinc Helps Restore Distinctive Bandstand

    VM Zinc has added another key heritage project to its portfolio, that of the renovation of the derelict Victorian grade II-listed bandstand in Weston Park, Sheffield. Designed in 1874 by Sheffield architects Flockton and Gibbs, but not built until 1900, the renovation formed part of the

  • Zinc For Restoration of London's Largest Victorian Bandstand

    Refurbishment of the Grade II listed bandstand on Clapham Common, believed to be the largest of its type remaining in the UK, has involved manufacture of a bespoke, 62-section zinc roof and central finial by VM Zinc. The greater part of the original structure was retained, though the railings are

  • 160 Zinc Roof and Facade CAD Details Online

    With the growing use of zinc in construction, the addition of 160 downloadable technical details to VM ZINC’s website, www.vmzinc.co.uk, marks a fresh approach for a zinc manufacturer. Quick to use and available in AutoCAD .DWG or high resolution PDF format, applications include standing seam roo

  • Zinc Makes Sustainability Child's Play at Falmouth School

    The striking new saw-tooth shaped Design and Technology Block of Falmouth School utilised standing seam zinc roofing and cladding in VM Zinc’s unique, pre-weathered Anthra-Zinc® colour. The 95m² structure was designed with the involvement of a student client team throughout the project

  • Umicore VM ZINC Announces Third Bi-Annual Archizinc Trophy

    Umicore VM ZINC launched the third bi-annual Archizinc Trophy last November at Batimat. Open to architects throughout the world, the competition awards prizes in four building categories: Individual Housing, Collective Housing, Public Buildings and Commercial Buildings. Four additional prizes wer

  • Zinc Guttering – Lighter, Longer Lasting And Truly Sustainable

    With demand for metal guttering systems on the increase, zinc guttering has been found to complement a wide spectrum of design styles. Herring Homes use of VM Zinc’s PluIine guttering for its Sutton Courtenay development shows the distinctiveness of pre-weathered finishes such as Quartz-Zinc®

  • Zinc Takes ‘Grand Designs’ Honours

    VM Zinc Plus was chosen to roof and clad Bere Architects 'Focus House,' winner of the 2007 Grand Designs' Award for Best Eco Home'. Squeezed between Victorian terraces, the property’s narrow frontage is only 2.8 metres wide at the entrance, opening to 7 metres at the back. Its narrow presence on

  • Zinc Guttering

    Architects are increasingly turning to zinc as a building material, for its long-term performance, low maintenance qualities and adaptability to diverse design styles. In the U.K., its use as a guttering material has been overshadowed by more widespread awareness of rainscreen cladding and

  • Zinc for Diversity

    An average of 20% growth per annum since 2005 in public sector non-residential construction reflects the level of investment in health and education over the period. However, while most types of metal roofing, facades and rainscreen cladding have experienced a similar rate of increase, zinc has c

  • Zinc cladding manufacturer first with BRE Certification

    VM Zinc has become the first UK supplier to receive BRE certification for its zinc interlocking panel façade systems (BRE137/07). The system, which is available in five colours uses a pre-weathered process to provide an aged patination. It is designed for use as an open jointed, drained

  • CAD Details Online for Zinc Roofs and Facades

    With the growing use of zinc in construction, VM ZINC has added 160 downloadable technical details to its website, www.vmzinc.co.uk. Available in AutoCAD .DWG or high resolution PDF, details include standing seam roofing, cladding (including warm roof details) and interlocking panels. Downloading

  • The Coptic Orthodox Cathedral of St George, Stevenage

    The Coptic Orthodox Cathedral of St George, set in the grounds of Victorian built Shephalbury Manor, was not just the first Coptic Cathedral in the UK, but also the country's first purpose-built Coptic place of worship - in fact, there is only one other Coptic Cathedral in Western Europe.

  • Zinc Takes Grand Designs Honours for Sustainability

    Growth in specification of zinc as a building product in the UK owes much to its lasting appearance, malleability and corrosion resistance. It blends well with wood, stone and concrete and provides a contrast with the plethora of glazing finishes available. As a roof covering it can be

  • Zinc Roof on Quarry House Development

    In the heart of suburban Kent, Munkenbeck and Marshall's design of Quarry House in Sevenoaks is unusual in that the structure is built on the edge of a disused quarry. The design had to accommodate the unusual manmade topography while blending with homes nearby, and linking of quarry floor and gr

  • Zinc for Restoration of London’s Largest Victorian Bandstand

    Refurbishment of the Grade II listed bandstand on Clapham Common, believed to be the largest of its type remaining in the UK, has involved manufacture of a bespoke, 62 section zinc roof and central finial by manufacturers VM Zinc. The greater part of the original structure was retained, though th

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