In keeping with a growing trend in commercial building design, zinc has been chosen for the roof of Campbeltown’s new £5.5 million police office. Built on a brown field development site in Hazelburn Business Park, the specification incorporated the VM Zinc Plus® standing seam system as its protective underside coating obviates the need for roofspace ventilation. The outer, pre-weathered Quartz-Zinc® skin is also self-protecting and develops a natural patina in the same way as traditional zinc.

The original planning conditions were such that the new building was to have had a pitched roof finished in natural slate. Following discussions with Planners it was agreed that lead or zinc, in this case pre-weathered could be used instead. Strathclyde Police Authority Architect Duncan McLew explained, “We opted for zinc as it can be installed at a lower pitch than slate, thus reducing building volume. Zinc was also preferred to lead as it is a natural material with a long life span and is sustainably sourced. Installation was also considered likely to present less potential problems than lead. The roofscape was an integral part of the design and we were re-assured that the zinc colour, which was aesthetically pleasing in its own right, would be retained without maintenance concerns. The building was also designed to achieve good energy efficiency and integrate sustainable facilities”.