With demand for metal guttering systems on the increase, zinc guttering has been found to complement a wide spectrum of design styles. Herring Homes use of VM Zinc’s PluIine guttering for its Sutton Courtenay development shows the distinctiveness of pre-weathered finishes such as Quartz-Zinc® and Anthra-Zinc®. Their patinated appearance blends with a wide variety of building materials, in this case complementing roofs of clay plain tiles and thatch. Unlike aluminium, there is generally no need to paint or protect Quartz-Zinc and Anthra-Zinc which are produced using a patented manufacturing process which modifies the metal’s crystalline structure. Energy consumption is the lowest of all the non-ferrous metals, while Pluline guttering has a lower coefficient of linear expansion than aluminium or PVC and a typical design life of 50 years.

Concealed brackets provide an uninterrupted, ‘floating’ gutter line, while traditional accessories include stop ends, internal and external corners, Y-branches, hopper heads, running outlets, and rainwater diverters.