The new VMZINC ‘Rainwatersystem D’ brochure details how zinc can be used for its distinctive visual appearance while invariably costing less than aluminium. Available in half-round, box and OG profiles in pre-weathered (black) ANTHRA-ZINC® and (grey) QUARTZ-ZINC®, the system offers guaranteed performance without the need for recoating or scheduled maintenance. Materials sizes are available to suit both commercial and residential use, with a range of traditional accessories such as hopper heads, branches and a newly launched rainwater diverter.

VMZINC’s use of concealed brackets creates a flowing gutter line in a material which is long-lasting and far lighter than cast iron. Pipes have sleeve connections and with self-locking downpipe brackets are quick to install. Delivered in special kits with gutters, brackets, stop ends, corners, running outlets, downpipes and pipe brackets, ‘Rainwatersystem D’ combines lasting performance and appearance in a product which provides an excellent water discharge and flow rate.