Aluminium is becoming increasingly sought after by modern designers, architects and builders as an important building and construction material, due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, cost-effectiveness, bright and smooth finishing, and corrosion resistance, malleability, and other unmatchable sustainable properties.

The light-weight material is being extensively used in architecture for most of the ambitious construction projects, from high-rise buildings and office skyscrapers to train stations, airports, and entertainment and sports facilities. More than a quarter of all aluminium produced worldwide is used in construction.

Finding the best aluminium suppliers for the construction industry

World Construction Network has listed some of the leading suppliers of architecture aluminium products, based on its intel, insights, and decades-long experience in the sector.

The list includes suppliers of a wide range of specialised aluminium products for both structural and non-structural applications in the construction industry to meet high aesthetics and performance standards.

The list also includes suppliers of composite aluminium panels for external cladding as well as high-quality aluminium products for doors, windows, roofing, balustrades, and decorations.

The information contained within the document is designed for architects, planners, builders, contractors, design-build consultants, engineers, interior designers, procurement executives, and any other individual involved in the design and construction of buildings.

The download contains detailed information on aluminium construction companies and their product lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing decision.

Types of industrial aluminium construction solutions

Aluminium products are used in a variety of construction applications, ranging from facade cladding, roofing, and ceiling to decking, flooring, windows, and furniture.

Industrial aluminium construction solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre-painted and anodised aluminium facade panels
  • Aluminium composite panels for external cladding
  • Aluminium roofing panels
  • Perforated aluminium ceiling panels
  • Corrugated aluminium sheets
  • Honeycomb aluminium panels for canopy systems
  • Aluminium gutter coils
  • Pre-painted aluminium shutters, sun breakers and windows
  • Aluminium doors, spandrels, louvres, and stairs
  • Mirror-finished aluminium tube to transfer natural daylight, and
  • Glass-bonded aluminium partitions

Download our list here.