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Acoustic Panels

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Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Vicoustic is a manufacturer of high-quality, affordable acoustic solutions. Founded in 2007, the research-based company has quickly established a reputation in the international market with its range of innovative acoustic products for use in music and broadcast, home cinema, architectural/acoustic design and industry.

Vicoustic’s engineers work in strategic partnership with other industry sectors, including science institutes and universities, as well as gaining regular feedback from some of Europe’s leading acoustic engineers. Vicoustic’s customers include recording and broadcast studios, education establishments, hotels and restaurants, home cinemas and residential developments, factories, and workplaces.

Acoustic absorption and diffusion panels

The company’s innovative product portfolio includes a variety of absorption and diffusion panels, for example the flagship Wave Wood, a foam-based three-in-one absorber, diffuser and bass trap with uniquely designed slotted wood surface, and the popular cinema premium range of fabric-covered panels, which combines modern design and high acoustic efficiency with maximum fire retardancy.

Portable acoustic systems

Vicoustic is also well known for its portable acoustic systems including the modular Flexi Walls, used for temporary isolation purposes.

Vicoustic is a manufacturer of high-quality, affordable acoustic systems.
Vicoustic's product portfolio includes a variety of absorption and diffusion panels.
Vicoustic is also well known for its portable acoustic solutions including the modular Flexi Walls, used for temporary isolation purposes.

Simple, affordable acoustic panels

In 2009, Vicoustic launched its revolutionary Vari Panel, bringing variable acoustic solutions into the realms of affordability for many customers. These unique, simple, affordable acoustic panels are specially designed for venues that have multi-purpose use, for example speeches and music. A fixed-foam panel is combined with a removable wood surface, allowing room acoustics to be adjusted in minutes, without requiring specialist personnel or tools.

Stand-alone passive bass trap

Vicoustic’s recent research into variable acoustics has culminated in the launch of Vari Bass, a unique, stand-alone passive bass trap that can be tuned to fix specific bass frequency issues in a room.

Bespoke acoustic systems

To complement its standard catalogue, Vicoustic offers a range of customized acoustic systems based on preferred ‘look’, room dimensions and available budget. The company’s website includes an easy-to-use, online acoustic calculator with multiple design options, providing instant suggestions and showing product combinations to suit different working requirements. Vicoustic also offers a bespoke consultancy service, where customers can work closely with company engineers to create acoustic systems that are specifically tailored to their individual working needs.

During 2010, Vicoustic’s product development will focus on a range of solutions for architectural and industrial use. This follows the company’s recent launch of three separate business divisions: music and broadcast, hi-fi and home cinema, and industrial.

White Papers

Press Releases

  • Vicoustic Releases New Multi Fuser Wood Diffusion Panel

    Portuguese acoustic solutions manufacturer Vicoustic has just released Multi Fuser Wood, a new diffusion panel designed to bring both acoustic efficiency and elegance to a range of listening spaces. Made from solid wood, the new diffuser is perfect for use in venues such as concert halls, hi-fi rooms and recording studios, where effective diffusion is often required, without too much absorption occurring at the same time.

  • Vicoustic Releases Free White Paper

    Vicoustic, a Portugal-based manufacturer of high-quality, affordable acoustic solutions, has released a free white paper on the Offshore-Technology website. The white paper details Vicoustic's Premium, Studio and Isolation ranges as well as its accessories. Click

  • Lebanese Church Instalment Takes Vicoustic Wave Wood to New Heights

    Vicoustic's flagship Wave Wood acoustic panel has featured in a major installation at the magnificent St Gabriel church in Ajaltoun, Lebanon. Led by Movses Balabanian, a team from Vicoustic's Beirut-based distributor 21dB has installed over 650 Wave Wood panels on the ceiling in order to address

  • Corner Spot for Vicoustic’s New Super Bass Extreme

    Following the recent release of its stand-alone, tunable Vari Bass, acoustic solutions manufacturer Vicoustic has turned its attention to a more permanent solution for addressing low frequency issues. The newly released Super Bass Extreme panel is a pressure zone optimized absorption system that

  • Vicoustic Aims for the Top with Multi Fusor DC2

    Portuguese acoustic solutions manufacturer Vicoustic has announced shipment of its new Multi Fusor DC2 diffusion panel. The panel is the latest in a series of research-based Vicoustic products that have been developed with the treatment of specific acoustic issues in mind. Applied to bo

  • Vicoustic Releases New Industrial and Architectural Products

    Following the launch of Vicoustic's new industrial division earlier this year, the Portuguese acoustic solutions manufacturer has introduced its latest products designed for industrial and architectural use. Greener solutions for isolation New additions to the company's

  • Vicoustic Ships New Vari Bass

    Passive, stand-alone, tunable bass trap represents another variable acoustics 'first' for Portuguese manufacturer. Acoustic solutions manufacturer Vicoustic is shipping the latest addition to its revolutionary variable acoustics product range. Vari Bass has been specifically developed t


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