Following the launch of Vicoustic’s new industrial division earlier this year, the Portuguese acoustic solutions manufacturer has introduced its latest products designed for industrial and architectural use.

Greener solutions for isolation

New additions to the company’s range of isolation products include Vicycle and Vifoam. Vicycle is a product resulting from the recycling processes of different acoustic foams. Packed in high-density blocks (60kg/m³), it provides a perfect solution for effective structural isolation, with the added advantage that it doesn’t degenerate with time. From a health and safety perspective, it is also an excellent alternative to materials such as mineral wool. The 500mm x 500mm panels are available in three different thicknesses: 30mm (10 units per box), 40mm (8 units per box) and 60mm (5 units per box).

Vifoam is an absorption product designed for use in the construction of buildings and suspended ceilings. It is available in two sizes to suit a range of construction projects. Like Vicycle, it also provides an effective alternative to mineral wool in cases where health and safety are paramount.

Vicoustic in colour

With increased architectural emphasis on visually integrating acoustic treatment into room interiors, Vicoustic has also introduced a new range of coloured panels, the Flexi Pol A50 and A75. Based on the company’s revolutionary Flexi Panel technology, the new Flexi Pol has been specially developed to solve problems associated with long-term use of coloured foam, which oxidates over time, turning yellow and spoiling the appearance of a room.

The new foam-based Flexi Pol panels are additionally coated with a special polyurethane surface, making them more durable and less prone to oxidation. Available in eight different colours, Flexi Pol is set to become a favourite with designers, offering both effective treatment of room reflections and a range of creative options.