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Industrial Lifts, Construction Hoists and Mast Climbing Work Platforms

Alimak Hek is the name you can trust for safe, productive, and economical vertical access solutions based on the rack and pinion technology. Our offering comprises construction hoists, work platforms, transport platforms, material hoists, industrial lifts, elevators and a wide range of after sales services. Having delivered vertical transport solutions for over 60 years, Alimak Hek today supplies rack and pinion construction hoists, mast climbing work platforms and industrial lifts to more than 60 countries worldwide.

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Alimak Hek is the name you can trust for safe, productive, and economical vertical access solutions based on the rack and pinion technology. Our offering comprises construction hoists, work platforms, transport platforms, material hoists, industrial lifts, elevators and a wide range of after sales services. Having delivered vertical transport solutions for over 60 years, Alimak Hek today supplies rack and pinion construction hoists, mast climbing work platforms and industrial lifts to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Permanent industrial lifts

Alimak Hek manufactures rack and pinion industrial lifts for permanent access purposes. Our lift range includes small passenger lifts for use in tower cranes, container handling cranes, communication towers and power plants, as well as customised vertical transportation installations. Our permanent industrial lifts provide better monitoring and servicing access for clients’ industrial facilities and can be introduced across a broad spectrum of industrial and environmental applications.

Our lifts are designed to operate in demanding industrial environments, outdoors or indoors, and can be easily fitted to new and existing structures without the need for expensive shafts or lift rooms. Alimak lifts have taken a strong position in the offshore, steel works, power, cement and port industries.

Modular 450 range

The Modular 450 provides you with 1 mast and 1 drive unit for many different machine applications. In this range Mast Climbing Work Platforms, Transport Platforms and Material Hoists are available. Many of the same components are used in the assembly of these different configurations.

The Modular 450 range – Mast Climbing Work Platforms, Transport Platforms and Material Hoists.
When a construction project is too high or too complex for scaffolding, Hek mast climbing work platforms are the obvious alternative for façade work.
Alimak Scando construction hoists at work on Europe's tallest residential building, Turning Torso, Sweden.
A twin car Alimak Scando 650 in use on a new tower under construction in Dubai.
Alimak SE rack and pinion lifts and elevators ensure safe and reliable access and are particularly well suited to tough operating conditions.

Hek Mast Climbing Work Platforms

Hek Mast climbing work platforms offer an economical, efficient and safe solution for all kinds of façade work. Easy loading of the mast climbing work platform and the flexibility of having people and material always at the correct height make this type of equipment the most efficient solution in many applications. Applications where the machines can be found are brick laying, stone cladding, glass and aluminium installation, plastering and painting, renovation and elevator installation. With platforms lengths from 4.3m up to 51m and a payload from 2,040kg up to more than 5,000kg, mast climbing work platforms will always offer a suitable solution.

Hek Transport Platforms and Material Hoists

Using up to 75% of the same components as the mast climbing work platforms, these configurations are part of the Modular 450 range. Originally designed as a support to build traditional scaffolding nowadays the machines configurations are used to transport people and material on a project. In our Modular 450 range we offer payloads from 1,300kg up to 4,000kg, platform lengths from 1.6m up to 4.8m and platform widths up from 1.6m up to 3.2m. Main advantages are higher payloads in combination with a bigger platform area, faster build up of the machine, precise stopping on each floor, easy rebuilding to other configurations.

Construction hoists for passengers and materials

Alimak Scando construction hoists can be adapted to suit multiple construction purposes. A wide range of doors / gates and drive units can be fitted while speed and payload capacities can be adjusted to suit almost every customer application. The Alimak Scando hoist does not require a vast array of modules and components to operate effectively.

The Alimak Scando hoist is available in single or dual car configurations, supports payloads up to 3,200 kg/car and can reach a standard maximum lifting height of 400m. The Alimak Scando operates at speeds of up to 100m/min.

The flexibility of the Alimak Scando system enables Alimak Hek to meet the vast majority of customers’ hoist requirements in today’s demanding construction market.

Product range

Alimak SE – the modular access and goods / passenger lift range is primarily designed for transporting men and materials at service and inspection work.

Technical data:

  • Payload capacity: 300kg-2,400kg
  • Speed: up to 60m/min
  • Lifting height: up to 250m with standard accessories

Alimak Scando – construction hoists for passangers and materials.

Technical data:

  • Payload capacity: –up to 3,200kg
  • Speed: up to 100m/mins
  • Lifting height: up to 400m with standard accessories
  • Fuse ratings: from 20A

White Papers

  • Alimak Hek: Access Anytime, Anywhere

    Alimak Hek is the name you can trust for mast climbing solutions based on rack and pinion technology. Our offering comprises construction hoists, work platforms, transport platforms, material hoists, industrial lifts, and a wide range of after sales services.


Press Releases

  • SEK11 Million Order for Alimak in the US

    Alimak Group (Alimak), the vertical access solution company, has received a SEK11 million order in the US regarding construction hoists to be delivered during the fourth quarter of 2015, and the first quarter of 2016.

  • Skr9m Order for Alimak in Canada

    Vertical access solution company Alimak Group, has received a Skr9m order in Canada regarding construction hoists to be delivered during the third and fourth quarter of 2015.

  • Skr10m Order Secured by Alimak in Korea

    Vertical access solution compancy Alimak Group (Alimak) has received an order from Garam Industrial Co ltd in Korea, with an order value of Skr10 million regarding 16 construction elevators to be delivered during the third and fourth quarter of 2015.

  • Bauma China 2012: We are Ready, are You?

    27-30 November 2012 - that's when Bauma China takes place in Shanghai. Over 2,600 exhibitors from 40 countries are lining up for the exhibit. Luckily, Alimak Hek will occupy booth B-13, 207m³ of exhibition space, putting on a spectacular presence at the exhibition.

  • Introducing HEK TPL 500 & 300

    Alimak Hek is extending its light range with the introduction of HEK TPL 500 & 300. Its flexible, robust and simple design makes it suitable for all vertical access, including direct to buildings and scaffoldings, for new construction or for refurbishment work. The TPL 500 & 300

  • Alimak Hoists Play a Vital Role at London Shard Construction

    Specially adapted Alimak hoists are playing a vital role in one of Europe's foremost engineering feats, the construction of the Shard in central London. When completed in late 2012, the skyscraper structure with office space at its base and restaurants, a five-star hotel, luxury residences and a

  • Alimak Hek Opens Sales Office for Brazil and Latin America

    Alimak Hek is proud to announce that a new regional sales office located in Brazil will open on 1 January 2011. To support the set-up and development of this operation, Pepe Olguin, who is currently the global offshore / LNG manager within the group, has been appointed managing director for Alima

  • Alimak Lifts Improve Access on Ship-To-Shore Cranes at Saigon Port

    29 Alimak lifts are currently installed in Vietnam Ports and are contributing to their increased efficiency. Improving access to ship-to-shore cranes for operators and maintenance personnel, the lifts provide fast, safe and reliable vertical transport daily in any weather conditions. Al

  • Alimak Hek Delivers Seven Lifts for Boliden’s Aitik Mine Expansion

    In the spring of 2008 Alimak Hek signed a contract to provide seven Alimak rack and pinion-driven lifts for Boliden’s Aitik copper mine, located near Gällivare in northern Sweden. The lifts are part of Boliden’s total investment of SEK6 billion in this open-pit mine, which will include a new

  • Alimak Hek Supplies 13 Lifts to FLSmidth for Cement Plants

    Alimak Hek has received orders from FLSmidth in Denmark for a total of 13 Alimak rack and pinion lifts. The lifts will be delivered and installed throughout the year in cement plants in Egypt, Syria, Qatar, Poland and Russia. The ALIMAK SE lift model will be installed on the plant's pre

  • Alimak Hek Establishes Operations in India

    Alimak Hek, a global supplier of hoists, lifts, and work platforms for construction and general industry, announces that it has established new operations in India. Petter Arvidson, president and CEO of the Alimak Hek Group said: "The establishment of an operation in India is an important step in

  • Big Order to Alimak Hek in Australia

    Alimak Hek has received an order from D&G Hoist & Crane Hire in Australia for a total of 50 hoists from the Alimak Scando 650 range. The order comprises of a range of models and capacities, including ten cages of the new high speed (non-counterweight) Alimak Scando 650 FC-S. Th

  • Customised Alimak Hoist On World’s Biggest Wheel

    Alimak's Scando passenger hoist provided the solution for reaching the hub of the world's biggest wheel, the 165m high 'Singapore Flyer', with a special customised cage. Throughout construction of the world's biggest observation wheel, the Singapore Flyer, subcontractor UTOC called for the hel

  • Made Skillfully in China. Used Successfully in Malaysia.

    Some of the very first construction hoists off the production line in the brand new Chinese factory of Alimak Hek, the world’s leading vertical access solutions provider, is helping to deliver success by ensuring a complex Malaysia bridge is being renovated on time and budget. UEMC-Frey

  • Recent Orders – Alimak Elevators for Cement Plants

    ASIA One Alimak elevator with 2000 kg payload capacity is currently being installed on the cyclone preheater tower at the new Ha Long cement plant located in the province of Quang Minh near Ha Long in Vietnam. The elevator will have a total lifting height of 94 metres and has fre

  • Alimak Access Lifts Improve Cement Plant Efficiency

    Alimak rack and pinion industrial lifts maintains overhaul, maintenance and inspection services for cement plants all over the world. The lifts are designed to operate in demanding industrial environments, outdoors or indoors and need no expensive shafts or lift rooms. They can easily be fitted o

  • Alimak Hoists Speeds Progress on Hong Kong’s Tallest Tower

    Six Alimak construction hoists being used on Hong Kong's tallest tower, the 118-storey International Commerce Centre, to alleviate tower crane lifting duties. Three Alimak dual hoists with a total of six cars are being used for the transportation of personnel and materials during the co

  • Alimak Lifts Help Open Unique Silver Mine In Sweden To Visitors

    Visitors to one of Sweden's most popular tourist attractions, the Sala Silver Mine, are now enjoying a unique opportunity to see the working interior deep below ground. Two specially made ALIMAK SE lifts whisk visitors 155m below the surface, into the heart of the old Ulrika Eleonara mine which d

  • Introducing High-Speed To The Alimak Scando 650 Construction Hoist Range

    With the introduction of the fully modular ALIMAK SCANDO 650 construction hoist at Bauma 2004, Alimak Hek set a new industry standard for improved performance, durability and intelligent control paired with reduced cost of ownership. Now we make the Alimak Scando family complete by adding a high-

  • Anniversary Celebrating Invention Still On Its Way To Heaven

    In the mid 1950s, Alvar Lindmark, the inventor and founder of Alimak, presented a whole new concept for vertical transportation, inspired by the old traditional story of Jacob's Ladder. The idea was to offer the construction and mining industry a replacement for old and dangerous equipment with a

  • A3: The Future Is Access, Anytime, Anywhere

    For the last three years, Alimak Hek has silently developed a concept that adds a whole new dimension to construction work. The creation of the A3 concept has involved all the collected technical know-how of Alimak Hek, as well as collaboration with selected customers and partners. Now, A3 is rea

  • Alimak Hek To Get a New Owner!

    Stockholm, December 14, 2006 - Triton, a European private equity firm, has entered into an agreement with Ratos and 3i to acquire the Alimak Hek Group. The deal is expected to be completed in January 2007. Triton is an independent European private equity investor focusing on investing

  • New Factory in China Now Open!

    Stockholm, Sweden / Changshu, China, 23 November, 2006 - Alimak Hek, the world's leading supplier of mast climbing equipment and added-value services for the construction and general industry, has opened its wholly-owned, state-of-the-art factory in China. "Opening the factory in China

  • Alimak Hoists Speed Construction on Record-Breaking Madrid Towers

    Madrid's skyline is being changed dramatically with the help of some of the tallest Alimak construction hoists ever used in Europe. The Alimak Scando 650 25/32 FC hoists are providing quick and easy access during construction of Spain's tallest skyscraper and the two neighbouring tower

  • Upgrading ALIMAK SE

    Skellefteå, 27 April, 2006 - The successful ALIMAK SE lift range has been upgraded with new technology to deliver greater comfort and control. Over 1,000 units of the groundbreaking ALIMAK SE range have been delivered since its launch in 1996, and the latest enhancements are a natural de

  • Alimak Lift in Tunnel Boring Machine Breaking All Records

    The world's largest tunnel boring machine (TBM), used to bore a mega tunnel for the M-30 motorway in Madrid, has been equipped with an ALIMAK SE-450. This is the first time ever a lift has been installed in a TBM, and when the word got out, the other TBM supplier, Mitsubishi/FCM, also wanted lift

  • Alimak Crane Lifts Heading Against the "2000 Units Milestone"

    Skellefteå, May 17, 2006 - What started as a small retrofit business in the 1970's has become the major market segment in numbers for Alimak Industrial Lifts. During April 2006 the total accumulated order intake of all years passed 2000 units. The present Alimak market share of new sales

  • Introducing the ALIMAK SCANDO 450

    Skellefteå, 16 March, 2006: The new ALIMAK SCANDO 450 is a total upgrade of the ALIMAK CH construction hoist range first launched in 1998. Over 600 units of the CH range have been delivered and the modernisation program encompassing new technology further strengthens the light and medium ran


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