Challenges in construction project management are inevitable. How companies can overcome them is what matters. 

As innovative technology platforms continually develop, adopted software solutions often determine the progress and success of a project.  

From risk mitigation and safety to cost setting, planning, and scheduling to real-time monitoring and delivery, each element needs an agile solution.  

As design-build projects become increasingly popular, companies are looking to solve issues before they transpire, planning and scheduling for success.  

Subsequently, the importance and value of project management in construction comes ever more into focus, and the cost of not having the best processes, procedures and solutions becomes more deleterious.  

Rolling out the best construction project management software is not always the first consideration, but it should be.  

The ability to overcome problems in construction project management can be significantly enhanced using a streamlined, technically innovative solution, such as Oracle Aconex.  

Our innovative platform can be shared with and accessed by all stakeholders throughout the entire project lifecycle, and for data collation beyond that.    

Internal workspaces are commonplace but with a wealth of data and the need to control access for stakeholders, construction project management software solutions continue to offer innovative options.  

Selecting the best tools and solutions to solve these problems and help create a blueprint for progress determines, at least in part, the trajectory and success of all construction work.   

From clarifying project goals to fixing budgets, and mitigating risk to ensuring timely deliverables for stakeholders, the problems in construction project management need to be addressed and resolved.   

Oracle Aconex helps projects run smoother and with increased cost-effectiveness, addressing and solving various challenges in construction projects.  

Challenges in construction project management 

It would not be possible to denote and describe every single potential pitfall or detail all the problems in construction project management.  

Initiation, planning, execution, performance monitoring, closure, the five plinths on which the pillars of construction projects are built.  

Problems can arise during any phase of a construction project lifecycle, but it is not so much that they do, as it is what to do that matters.  

Within each stage of a construction project lifecycle, challenges can occur, and issues may arise. Some are more predictable and can be mitigated, others appear ad hoc, and need solutions in place as and when they emerge.  

Having a complete project record and data source on one platform can address each issue, allowing all stakeholders both the option of collaboration and the benefit of full visibility.  

Importance and benefits of project management in construction 

Though there are many measurable challenges across the life cycle of a construction project, there are also many tangible benefits of project management in construction. 

In an industry and environment where data-sharing, risk mitigation, and team connection across processes are critical, it becomes essential to deliver the best solutions available.  

Whether it is a workforce-based process on-site or a construction project management software-driven solution, maximising the benefits of good management processes is key.  

Collaboration and connection are key components for construction project teams.  

Providing solutions to ensure end-to-end collaboration can deliver both time and cost benefits. Introducing a highly configurable process management software platform is one method of facilitating this, spanning the entire project lifecycle.  

How Oracle Aconex helps companies overcome problems in construction project management 

Oracle Aconex provides genuine solutions to real challenges in construction project management.  

Teams that work with an advanced, collaboration-driven, data-sharing software platform can overcome problems seamlessly, often in real-time during the project’s lifecycle.  

Our software offers innovation for project management solutions. It is specifically designed to allow the efficient end-to-end management of construction project processes.  

Overcoming complex problems is something simplified by Aconex, the full project delivery solution software. 

Combining seamless, deep functionality with task-specific modules, process flows can be streamlined, and real-time access can be given to all project stakeholders.  

Additionally, Oracle Aconex is equipped and designed to deliver solutions to other problems, each of which could be detrimental to construction projects if not addressed and solved.  

Single document registry solution 

One of the common problems in construction project management is creating a scalable, real-time repository for project information and data.   

Oracle’s answer is the creation of a single source solution, allowing stringent version controls that remove the attendant risk of multiple data stores.  

Ultimately, this ensures that all stakeholders and everyone involved in the project have access to accurate data and information for the entire project lifecycle.  

Total configurability  

One of the challenges in construction project management relates to the configuration of data.  

Oracle offers streamlined solutions that allow process flows and data to be captured in a way that allows you to create, access, and share highly configurable data fields and templates.  

One of the problems in construction project management can be group documentation, but Aconex allows the seamless sharing of correspondence for completion and sign off.  

Fully automated process flow  

Of the many benefits of project management in construction that are aided by our software, a standardised and automated approval and review system is one of the most valuable.  

During any construction project, process flows, and a fully automated workflow are critical. Using this software solution, stakeholders can match process flows with configurable workflow templates and sub-workflows.  

Ultimate design-build solutions 

Oracle Aconex is designed to deliver solutions for design-build projects. Seamlessly connecting design and delivery teams, driving collaboration and data sharing, the benefits are evident across the entire project lifecycle.  

Additional benefits of construction project management software for design-build are the highly configurable process management feature and capability.  

This provides full visibility and real-time control in tandem with built-in model coordination that connects teams, models, and data, providing critical information for all stakeholders.  

Construction projects require constant collaboration, and with innovative data sharing functionality, project records can be shared and accessed in real-time, and historically.  

Overcoming collaboration and connectivity problems in construction is what at Oracle Aconex is all about.  

Process and project visibility combined with records of an unalterable audit trail minimises potential disputes and keeps schedules on track for successful project completion and delivery.  

Open Collaboration and Data Sharing 

Challenges in construction project management are often linked to collaboration and data sharing among all stakeholders. With Oracle Aconex, overcoming these issues using one platform is possible.  

Using the Oracle Aconex data ownership model for construction projects drives collaboration and data sharing for all stakeholders.  

Our platform solves any issues regarding the one data source environment, with each project organization having its own private workspace and owning its data. This ensures that information and data sharing is via controlled access.  

When it comes to providing solutions to challenges in construction project management, Oracle Aconex is a highly trusted and increasingly adopted platform. Functionality that can capture complete data process across project lifecycles, maximising the quality of your data while providing full visibility and control.  

For those addressing challenges in construction project management, these features ensure control and are designed to drive performance and improve processes. 

Benefits of project management in construction 

One of the most valuable benefits of construction project management software is the provision of a single central platform, a secure environment for data throughout the project lifecycle.  

Oracle Aconex provides a single central platform solution, a Common Data Environment (CDE) for the entire project team and all stakeholders.  

Inbuilt simplicity ensures that it is an intuitive platform that does not need endless training to use, delivering open and real-time collaboration, data sharing, and high-end security.  

The importance of project management in construction is cost and safety driven, both of which are positively impacted by the use of Oracle’s cloud and collaborative model.  

Seamless functionality designed to connect teams and processes across the entire supply chain provides control over firewalls, across the entire supply chain and the entire project community. 

Secure document management solutions

Our development team at Oracle designed the Aconex platform, and related cloud environments to facilitate the easy and effortless management of millions of documents and models.  

Thanks to the scalable software functionality, there are no limits on the amount of project data or the number of stakeholder participants.  

One of the problems overcome by this is construction companies can use any size, all formats, and any number of files.  

When it comes to software, version control is a recurring challenge in construction project management. Oracle Aconex allows strict version control, helping teams use only the latest documents to avoid multiple document issues.  

With custom workflows that automate reviews and approve cycles, the complexity of the project management solution is simplified, with data capturing providing increased control across the project lifecycle.  

A final, yet equally important software solution from Oracle Aconex is real-time workflow tracking and reporting. For all stakeholders, this real-time analysis can swiftly and accurately identify and action bottlenecks before they have the chance to create a delay.  

Of all the challenges in construction project management, keeping work on time and within a budget is one of the most critical, so the ability to track and control processes, from design and construction to sign-off and completion, is a genuine solution that makes a tangible difference.