FOUR Frankfurt will be located in Frankfurt, Germany. Credit: Groß & Partner.
The tallest skyscraper of the FOUR Frankfurt development will be 228m high. Credit: Unstudio.
The FOUR Frankfurt project is expected to be completed by 2023. Credit: Unstudio.
The FOUR Frankfurt project received a building permit in May 2020. Credit: Groß & Partner.

FOUR Frankfurt is a four-tower high-rise mixed-use precinct being developed in Frankfurt, Germany.

The project will comprise two office towers, the first of which will be 228m high while the second will have a height of 100m. Two residential towers that stand 173m and 120m tall will also be built as part of the scheme.

FOUR Frankfurt will combine offices, apartments, hotels, retail and restaurants to create a multi-use zone. The offices at FOUR Frankfurt will accommodate a workforce of 3,000 while the residences will be occupied by approximately 1,000 people.

The 228m high-rise building will offer a unique sight and stunning views of the neighbourhood and will be one of the tallest office buildings in the country.

The project is being developed by Groß & Partner, with total investment exceeding €1bn ($1.12bn). All the towers are being financed independently along with the relevant section of the shared base building.

FOUR Frankfurt scheme was launched in April 2018 and received building permit from the city of Frankfurt in May 2020.

Construction for the shell of the high-rise buildings is expected to begin in 2021 while the project is scheduled for completion by 2025.

FOUR Frankfurt location

The FOUR Frankfurt mixed-use towers will be located in the centre of the financial district in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The project is being developed on a former Deutsche Bank site between Junghofstrasse and Große Gallusstrasse, which has been inaccessible for the past 45 years. The 228m-tall office building will be at Neue Schlesingergasse while the 100m building will be located at Junghofstrasse.

The FOUR Frankfurt site creates a new inner-city quarter that will open up towards the city centre. New connecting routes, passages and squares will be developed to connect the site to pedestrian zones in the city centre.

The project will have close proximity to the shopping and pedestrian zones, connecting the financial district with the city centre. It will also connect former separated areas of the city and invite residents of the Bankenviertel region.

FOUR Frankfurt architecture details

The exterior of the high-rise buildings will feature vertical folds to create an optical illusion. The bending moments will be accentuated vertically and slightly diagonally in all façades by building high frame elements.

The frames will highlight a flowing spatial interplay of the towers and the crevice between them. This will result in duplication of views , forming a unique 360° façade panorama.

“New connecting routes, passages and squares will be developed to connect the site to pedestrian zones in the city centre.”

The façade surfaces are differentiated by fields, which are formed by different materials and facets, creating variation and tension on the buildings’ exterior.

The towers align towards each other without facing each other directly. They appear to merge into a structure from the outside but provide an open view without any opposite façade obstructing it.

The facing façades feature different materials and structures. allowing dynamic sunlight to be directed into the buildings. The interiors are designed to allow more daylight and appear enlarged due to the interplay of light and dark façade parts.

FOUR Frankfurt features

FOUR Frankfurt will have a building surface of 219,000m² above ground, including 16,840m² shopping and restaurant space, 92,620m² of residential space, 6,315m² of social infrastructure, and 94,725m² of office space.

The precinct will also house catering, a children’s playground and adventure areas, along with a city square, restaurants and retail outlets for the general public.

The residential buildings will provide 600 apartments and two hotels with a capacity of up to 700 guests.

The four towers will be arranged in a way to completely frame the central square.

The roof of the base of the building connecting all the towers will offer a publicly accessible garden at a height of around 25m.

Contractors involved

The project was designed by UNStudio in collaboration with HPP.

Bollinger-Grohmann along with Werner Sobek will provide structural engineering services.

Kuehn Bauer Partner is responsible for providing mechanical, electrical and plumbing services while the electrical engineering will be provided by TP Elektro Plan.

Lemon Consult will provide energy solutions while Bartenbach Lighting Design will offer lightning solutions.

Emmer Pfenniger Partner was appointed as the façade consultant and Japsen Ingenieure will undertake elevator planning.

ITA will work on building physics and acoustics and Schuessler-Plan will provide traffic services.

Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl was contracted for landscaping while Prof Quick und Kollegen will perform soil and water management.

Itus undertook demolition works, whereas the land survey contract was awarded to B+K and Wittig+Kirchner.

Digitales Bauen will perform BIM management and LCEE Life Cycle Enginerig will work for the German Sustainable Building Council certification.

CMS advised on legal aspects of the mezzanine financing and Collineo Asset Management manages the investment.

hhpberlin will provide fire safety services for the four towers.