RoomNetTV’s managed gateway services and infrastructure design go beyond traditional hotel HSIA to deliver the access experience that guests have long expected, as it becomes perhaps the most significant and dependent amenity a hotel new offers. Turning on it’s end the all too common model of paid and unpredictable HSIA, RoomNetTV network and wireless infrastructure designs address device proximity, clean-air RF and throughput-based delivery to ensure that guest expectations are carried through to tomorrow’s technology.

As one of the only MSPs to successfully adapt guest personal area networks within the hotel room (and other BYOD environments), RoomNetTVs managed gateway solutions triangulate unified guest authentication, converged network services and in-room technology to address manager / ownership initiatives, promote brand loyalty and above all enhance guest experience.

Decades of industry and engineering experience though the evolutionary cycle of hospitality technology has given the company unique perspective and clarity as to which models work and which do not, protecting and extending your infrastructure investment.

While vendors and their approaches vary with mixed success, RoomNetTV’s North Star is the guiding principle that guest-facing services must be fast, stable and inclusive with an onboarding process to match that is seamless and largely transparent to the guest. It is with that in mind, that guest devices are now able to securely interact among themselves and stream content securely to the TV in their room, offering a unique home-away-from-home experience.