The MR3000SB is a dedicated seismic monitoring system for structures and buildings. Its compactness with all must-have features already integrated makes it an ideal motion recorder for any type of structures, tailor-made for buildings. Up to 32 MR3000SB can be interconnected in a daisy-chain network.

The MR3000SB seismic monitoring system is the most advanced, integrated and reliable monitoring system for structures and buildings, able to automatically detect, record and process any strong motion vibrations that might affect the structure. A daisy-chain network (Fibre-Optic or Ethernet Copper cable) coupled with latest data retrieval capabilities, make the MR3000SB the easiest to use and most versatile instrument available on the market.

The all-in-one Red Box with internal battery, AC/DC and terminals already integrated provides all the necessary features for easy installation without any additional part. Command & control access through an embedded web server provides a self-explanatory interface for system set-up and control.

The optional kit with three configurable relay outputs (alarm 1, alarm 2, device error) can be directly connected to any external alarming devices and used as an earthquake early warning system. A common logic system, for a typical 3-station network, will ensure highest reliability and avoid spurious activation of the warning system.