Gain the very best in-room experience with RoomNetTV’s Mac mini IPTV solution.

The entire guest experience has limitless customisation options, as every Mac mini has full HD (and beyond) display capabilities, a huge range of third party applications and its software it can be tailored to your hotel’s preferences and standards. All of this is managed through a content management system (CMS).

Using Mac IPTV, hotels provide guests with a stylish Apple computer that allows them to watch TV, surf the internet, listen to music and choose on-demand content, plus gain access to hospitality services such as room service, billing and housekeeping. When guests want more, they have a choice of additional software applications.

Mac IPTV extends beyond television channels, letting guests play their own content through your solution, including communication and social media. Hotels can even interact directly with guests.

Rooms can be grouped together according to conferences, nationality, large parties and more.

RoomNetTV’s Mac IPTV solution offers the following features:

  • Watch HD IPTV TV channels delivered by IP, satellite or terrestrial
  • Video on-demand
  • iPod / iPad music streaming via the guest room remote control
  • PMS messaging
  • Custom RSS feeds, news or in-house promotions / hotel-wide messaging
  • Instant messaging via Skype, iMessage, MS Lync, Facebook Messenger and more
  • iPhoto / Flickr streaming
  • Access to social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc
  • Customised user interface and CMS for customised content
  • Games
  • MS Office (additional charge) and other third party software applications