Designed as the ultimate computing tool, Macs can be used for both business and pleasure and your guests will have the complete range of functionality offered by Apple at their fingertips.

Create a business centre using the latest Apple Mac computers and software, so guests can create, save, print and send documents, use the internet, webmail, Skype colleagues and family, or simply upload photographs from their travels.

The Business Centre Kiosk software is installed on the Mac alongside the Mac OS X operating system, enabling each guest to be greeted with a fully branded log in screen with a simple user-focused design. From here, the user can choose to:

  • Access the internet (you could specify web bookmarks for local attractions, flight departures, local restaurants)
  • Use Microsoft Office
  • Run Mac OS X or Windows through virtualisation
  • Play with the iLife suite of applications (iTunes, iPhoto for photo editing, iMovie for video editing, GarageBand, iWeb all come included on any new Mac)
  • Print
  • Play games
  • Charge their iPhone / iPod through one of the USB ports

Best of all, every guest can use the service assured that all their data is safe, as each time they log out, everything is erased from the hard disk, including all files, web cookies, passwords and internet browser history.

This means that every new user is greeted with the same Mac, clear of others’ data, safe and ready them to use.