Elval Colour’s products etalbond® d3, d2, d1 represent the category of etalbond® for signage and display.

The letter ‘d’ signifies the word display and the number signifies the thickness of the aluminium.

With its high-quality, resilience and unique appearance, etalbond® offers sustainable construction quality and high creative standards. Due to its outstanding product properties, this material stands-out. Elval Colour’s products etalbond®d3, etalbond®d2, and etalbond®d1 for signage and display are sandwich type aluminium composite panels. They are produced using two aluminium sheets with either an LDPE core or a Fire Retardant* core (only d3), resulting in a total thickness of 2mm-6mm.

etalbond® d3, d2, d1 are lightweight panels, which incorporate a number of excellent properties for processing and installation, while they are easy to handle and transport at the same time.

*class B, s1, d0 (EN 13501-1)