The front door is the gateway between two worlds – private and public. And this as safely as possible. Here the door communication by Busch-Jaeger opens new perspectives. For comprehensive safety, greater comfort and modern, stylistically fitting design.

ABB-Welcome is ideal for use in new buildings, as well as the modernization of all types of real estate.

Assortment ABB-Welcome

  • ABB-WelcomeTouch®
  • ABB-Welcome outdoor video/audio station
  • ABB-Welcome outdoor video station: available with fingerprint, keypad or NFC capabilities
  • ABB-Welcome indoor audio station: handset and display options available

Assortment ABB-Welcome M

  • ABB-Welcome M outdoor video/audio station: handset option available
  • ABB-Welcome M indoor video station: available in 7in or 4.3in
  • ABB-Welcome M indoor video/audio station with handset
  • ABB-Welcome M guard unit