These innovative and high-quality movement and presence detectors by Busch-Jaeger simply make life more comfortable. They are alert, helpful, efficient. And they automatically manage many tasks in every sector of the building. Indoors and outdoors. When it comes to safety, you know precisely when the light is needed. And other functions such as heating and air-conditioning can be intelligently and reliably integrated. Busch-Watchdogs are a unique combination of design, safety, efficiency and comfort.

Trend-setting technology. Artistically set into the scene

To set the Busch-Watchdog into the scene in an optically high-class manner is no easy task. That is why we are glad to have had a world-class expert on our side for the design of the exclusive movement detectors: Hadi Teherani. The star architect has turned these trend-setting movement detectors into incomparable pieces of art. He has thus impressively proved that high-class technology and exciting design harmonize perfectly.

Quality of life requires safety

Whether in the private home or in the commercial sector. Busch-Watchdogs are the perfect partner for a feeling of safety. The Busch-Watchdog 70/110 MasterLINE and Busch-Watchdog 220/280 MasterLINE range impress with intelligence, elegance and reliability. There is a large selection of various models available for the most varied applications. Whether outdoor or indoor, whether for terraced houses or industrial plants – Busch-Watchdogs keep watch day and night to ensure safety.