BIM is a process to create and manage information on a building project across its lifecycle. BIM allows building disciplines and professionals to work simultaneously on the same project. This makes projects easier and saves costs on construction, maintenance, renovation and management. BIM is no longer just an option and its use is mandatory in large public projects in many countries.


In our vision buildings have to be sustainable, comfortable, flexible and future-proof, hence they need to be easier to build and to maintain. As one of the most important players on the building and infrastructure market, we are committed to supporting our customers, consultants, contractors, designers and facility managers by providing the BIM objects and tools they require.

An increasing number of BIM objects is available in our ABB Download Center for immediate download.

Our full-feature BIM objects hold all our solution data, such as:

  • 2D and 3D geometry description of the actual product or component
  • Dimensions, weight and related information
  • Catalogue data
  • Links to further online resources

ABB is continuing to invest on:

Expansion of the BIM objects catalogueImprovement of the quality of

  • BIM objects upon customer requirements
  • Design and configuration tools for the BIM objects, making it easy to use
  • Providing a network of technical promoters who are able to collaborate with you on your project whenever you need

Main benefits of ABB BIM objects:

  • You always find BIM object together with product documentation, in our Download Center
  • Multiple formats in a single file
  • Objects are available on our own repository