In-Room Apple TV

Hotel guests have individual tastes and they no longer want to pay £10 to watch a movie in their hotel room, as they have an almost infinite choice of on-demand content readily available over the internet.

Give your guests the capability to stream their content wirelessly to the TV in the hotel room, easily and in HD quality.

RoomNetTV offers customers the only hospitality technology solution that allows playback of iTunes DRM-protected content. Apple TV is the only way of streaming iTunes DRM-protected content to the TV and is simple to use due to Apple’s ‘two touch’ Airplay functionality.

RNTV VLAN-on-demand

To ensure each hotel guest can only connect to their own Apple TV RoomNetTV offers the RNTV VLAN-on-demand solution.

Each Apple TV sits within the room’s own VLAN, so that anyone outside cannot see or access it. The cloud-based technology connects seamlessly via the HSIA gateway and PMS to issue on-demand credentials for the duration of the guest’s stay.

The guest logs in to the WiFi using their unique credentials, they have access to streaming on the Apple TV but can still roam the hotel’s internet, so long as it is available to them. When the guest checks out, the credentials are terminated so that they can no longer access the Apple TV inside the VLAN. It even handles room moves.

This technology has been designed and pioneered by RoomNetTV and is the key to successful Apple TV in-room integration.