Veidekke has secured a contract from Asker municipality in Norway for the construction of a work centre and sheltered housing at Nedre Sem Farm.

Under the design and build contract valued at NOK104m ($10.53m), excluding VAT, the company will build Nedre Sem Barn in accordance with Futurebuilt’s criteria set Zero, Zero T and nearly zero energy building (NZEB).

Additionally, Nedre Sem Farm is Asker municipality’s first circular building project and is a pilot for Futurebuilt’s criteria set for the use of plastic and circular buildings.

Veidekke Bygg Buskerud district manager Gro Brathovde said: “We appreciate the commission and are proud that we can be a part of developing and realising this very special project for Asker municipality at Nedre Sem Farm.

“The municipality’s sustainability goals are a good fit with Veidekke’s own strategy, and we’re looking forward to reconstructing a unique and sustainable building for the future.”

Located at Semsvannet in Asker, Nedre Sem Farm houses a municipal work centre at present.

Before the erection of a new building reusing the old materials, the barn building, which has deteriorated for several years, will be dismantled completely.

The new building will feature a work centre including a carpentry workshop on two floors, its farm store, an institutional kitchen, and sheltered housing.

Nearly 2,000m² in size, the new building will have the same design as the original multi-purpose barn from around 1890.

It will reduce a minimum of 50% CO₂ in line with FutureZero.

Through the use of electric construction machines, the construction site will be emission-free.

Completion of the new build is scheduled for the first quarter of next year.

Nedre Sem Barn is also included in the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative of the EU as a pilot.

Before this development, Oslo S utvikling awarded a contract worth more than NOK1.037bn ($104.7m) to Veidekke for the Mariakvartalet residential project in Bjørvika, Norway.

Veidekke will serve as a design and build contractor for the project.