Wire mesh

The office building of HAVER & BOECKER’s wire weaving division now shines in a completely new light. This is due to a new mesh washing system that illuminates the wire mesh from below.

The Liner Shield AC XB LED-RGB-light source system by Traxon Technologies is fully outdoor-rated and the ideal solution for high-brightness architectural illumination. The LED spots provide high brightness, high-colour brilliance, as well as various radiation characteristics and are low in power consumption.

The simple plug-n-play system and flexible cable lengths enable easy installation for large-scale lighting projects. Used in combination with IMAGIC WEAVE® transparent media façade, the 481m² illumination of architectural wire mesh facade is perfect.

The colourful illumination of the wire mesh façade with colour and light compositions can be customised individually. It is possible to assign static colour to each LED or to play automated lighting effects. A direct interaction between the wire mesh washing system and IMAGIC WEAVE media façade is also possible. For example, the video background colour on the media façade can be extended to any wire of the wire mesh facade.

The visual effect of the illuminated mesh façade is specifically influenced by the geometry of the mesh. Theoretically, a closed wire mesh reflects more light and a wire mesh which is more open reflects less light but in reality a mesh façade can be much more fascinating and alterable than this.

The illumination of spotlight architectural wire mesh also provides a rather unique magic to the viewer. It would seem that the harmoniously matched beams have their own dynamic as they move in time with the viewer’s position.

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