COVERGLOBAL is a leading manufacturer of balcony and terrace glazing. The company is proud of the Finnish expertise exported to 30 countries around the world. Their success is promoted by their understanding of different cultures and their multicultural core team.

COVERGLOBAL Ltd. is a family company founded in 1985; its founder, Jarmo Sjöholm, was one of the trailblazers of balcony glazing in Finland. In 1991, he created a frameless, movable glazing system for balconies and terraces, creating the world’s first balcony glazing system suitable for covering corners of different degrees. Since then, the products of COVER have been installed in thousands of balconies and terraces all over the world.

Today, COVER is an export company delivering its products and technology to about 30 different countries on the basis of delivery and license agreements.

Added value to residents, architects and the building

The technical solutions and aesthetic frameless look of COVER products create added value to the resident, architect and the building itself. Our products are well-suited for diverse façade design, without limiting the creativity of the designer. On the other hand, they give the building a visually harmonious look and protect the outdoor areas of the resident from rain, dust and dirt.

This reduces the need for renovations in terraces and balconies, thus prolonging their life; not to mention issues concerning the comfort of living, such as privacy created by the glazing and increase in energy-efficiency, say Juhana Berner, CEO of COVERGLOBAL Ltd.

Safety above all
According to Berner, the basic technological functions of COVER products have remained virtually unchanged since the founding of the company.

"This guarantees the durability and reliability of our products. Over the years, our products have been installed in various exotic locations with extreme wind conditions, thus testing their durability."

Our products have undergone rigorous testing both in Europe and in the United States; in addition, we are constantly conducting our own tests, thus maintaining product safety and high quality requirements.

The global business concept is expanding
The success of COVER is strongly based on longterm global partnership.

"The strength of our operation lies in our motivated and multi-cultural core team which is able to serve customers in six different languages."

In addition to Finns, the team has employed people from Asia, Africa and South America. We feel that it is important to truly understand the culture and conditions of the country our products are sold in and where our partner is operating in; we also accept diversity. That is our strength. Berner says that COVER has developed a customer program to support its partners; the company uses the program to help local actors develop their own businesses.

"The program includes training and a versatile selection of tools which help the partner launch their business operation with COVER solutions."

The spirit of COVER lives on
According to Berner, the customer program is a good example of the COVER spirit developed over the years.

"Our longest customer relationships with SIO Ag in Switzerland and DIASPORA Ltd in Lebanon go as far back as the mid-90s. We’re genuinely proud of being able to export Finnish expertise to the world. Also, we’re honest and truly original – we’re not copies of anything or anyone. This kind of background creates a sense of security for our partners wishing to enter the world of COVER.

"They know our story and our background, making it easy for them to lean on it. That’s the core of the COVER spirit we wish to communicate to the world," Berner concludes.