BARTEC SYSCOM is proud to present its new strong motion monitoring equipment dedicated to every type of structures and buildings, namely MR3000SB – Structures & Buildings.

All the structures are subject to vibrations originated from many different sources. Among most energetic vibration affecting structures are those generally caused by earthquakes. Such strong motions, depending on the intensity, can damage the structure and could lead to a collapse in the most critical cases.

In order to avoid such incidents, structural health monitoring is a must and SYSCOM solution with networkable motion recorder MR3000SB will ensure automatic, fast and reliable data acquisition and evaluation.

MR3000SB is tailor-made for structural monitoring, designed in a compact and robust housing, with up to 32 devices in a daisy-chain LAN network. An internal switch, compatible with Fibre-Optics or Ethernet Copper cable, ensures a plug-and-play installation. Data retrieval and system accessibility has never been so easy with the latest communication capabilities, such as FTP push, Email alerting, DDNS, OpenVPN and API already integrated inside each recorder.

SYSCOM distributed intelligence design allows standalone recording in case of data line failure or power outage. Such redundant configuration maximize the reliability and flexibility of the solution and fully guarantees the data safety. In addition, the motion recorder with its internal battery can operate up to 60 hours autonomously.

A relay output kit, with activation based on threshold exceedance and voting logic to avoid spurious events, can easily be connected to any early warning system if required.

A typical configuration for high-rise buildings is a network of three devices located at the top, middle and ground floors. The new MR3000SB monitoring solution by BARTEC SYSCOM will efficiently contribute to the safety of structures.

For any additional information, feel free to contact BARTEC SYSCOM.