Underfloor heating specialist Timoleon has launched a major new product range. The Toron flooring system combines a floor deck with an underfloor heating system in a single, structurally loaded entity.

To be suitable as a structural floor, the Toron panels must pass a rigorous test programme to the requirements set out in EN1195 at the Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA). The tests were carried out on test floors comprising of five Toron panels each measuring 1200x600mm, set side by side over joists set at 600mm centres.

The Toron Flooring system is the only structural underfloor heating system to pass the tests. The panels fulfil the requirements set out in EN12871 for impact testing. Toron exceeded the 1.4kN requirement of the concentrated load tests for Category A, domestic and residential activities service class 2 as specified in BS6399:Part 1:1996 and also the 1.8kN requirement specified for bedrooms in hotels, motels, hospital rooms and toilet areas.

Timoleon Toron is the first integrated system of its kind that can be used with joisted floor constructions above 600mm. This feature makes the system perfect for thousands of retrofit applications for which underfloor heating was previously impossible.

The new system, patent pending, comprises 22mm thick panels of moisture resistant, flooring grade chipboard, ready tongue and grooved and routed to accept Timoleon’s 10mm polybutylene underfloor heating pipe.

Increased heating efficiency

The pipe is fitted into the channels on the upper surface of the chipboard modules, which ensures that the heating element is as close to the floor finish as possible. This maximises the heat output of the modules while reducing the temperature of the water required. A recent intensive test programme at BRSIA has revealed that ensuring close proximity between the heating pipes and the floor finish is vital to the efficiency of an underfloor heating system when used with suspended floors.

Toron will be available in two forms, as a standard and a high performance version, which features an aluminium strip above each pipe channel, boosting performance by 10%. Both types will make the best use of low temperature water to minimise carbon emissions.

The installation process

Timoleon Toron modules can be used in exactly the same way as conventional chipboard. They speed up installation and keep overall floor thickness to a minimum.

During installation the modules are laid on the joists. Pipes are then installed in the pre-routed channels, with the pipe tails dropping down into the joist space for subsequent connection to a common flow and return to the manifold. This method of installation uses very few fittings, less than a conventional radiator system.

Once the pipe has been fitted and pressure tested, a 6mm ply covering layer is installed for all floor finishes except wood, which can be fixed directly to the Toron chipboard modules.

In operation the heat is spread evenly across the entire underside of the floor finish, radiating up into the room space to ensure total comfort and maximum energy efficiency.