Paultons Family Theme Park has specified Monodraught’s windcatcher sola-boost for the UK-exclusive and world-first Peppa Pig Theme Park, which opened at the award winning Hampshire Park on 9 April 2011.

Paultons Theme Park, which has specialised in entertaining families for more than 27 years, has created Peppa Pig World within its 140 acres of beautiful landscaped parkland on the edge of the New Forest National Park. The main building on this new three-acre attraction has a 900sqm footprint, is highly insulated and features a turf covered, irrigated wildflower roof. Adding to the building’s environmental credentials is a Monodraught natural ventilation strategy based on roof mounted windcatcher sola-boost natural ventilation systems.

Commenting on the Park’s preference for natural ventilation, Paultons commercial director Stephen Lorton says the key motivator was Monodraught system’s lifetime energy savings, which should be significantly below that of a similar specification mechanical system.

“Over time we are anticipating significant savings in running costs, and the fact that windcatchers provide fresh rather than re-circulated air, will provide an ideal environment for our visitors within the indoor play area. We also felt that windcatchers complimented the unique design and energy-saving initiatives we have adopted in the design & build such as the grass roof. The building is the largest in Peppa Pig World and accommodates Daddy Pig’s Big Tummy Cafe, George’s Spaceship Play Zone and Peppa Pig’s Toy Shop.”

Various natural ventilation systems were investigated by Paultons’ design team and architects HPW, and the Monodraught system was considered to be the best option in terms of specification and quality.

A dynamic simulation model was produced to review and develop the natural ventilation strategy, including balanced and synchronised high and low level window opening and strategically located louvers. The dynamic simulation model is based on a maximum of 120 children in the play area at any one time.

Using the dynamic simulation techniques, HPW worked with Monodraught engineers to design a natural ventilation system that integrates the windcatcher sola-boost systems with reasonable cross-ventilation through windows. The sola-boost units incorporate south facing photovoltaic panels to provide solar power for the fans at times of low wind, allowing the units to continue functioning without mains electricity.

Monodraught has installed five windcatcher sola-boost natural ventilation systems in the double height playspace and cafeteria and two in the building’s mezzanine play area. Two fully automatic Monodraught iNVent control systems are also fitted. They control seven zones in order to provide automatic control of the motorised dampers and a night time cooling facility.

Peppa Pig World features many of the characters and buildings that children the world over have grown to love since the programme was first aired in 2004. Visitors are able to enjoy seven new fully-themed rides, superb animated attractions along with an exciting outdoor play area, and even an opportunity for children to splash in muddy puddles just like Peppa Pig.