Monodraught, part of VKR Holding, has acquired Artica Technologies, a company that has gained an enviable reputation for developing highly sustainable ventilation systems in a very short time.

With the acquisition of Artica Technologies, Monodraught strengthens its position within the low energy ventilation market, building on its success with natural ventilation products and more recently with its COOL-PHASE® low energy ventilation system.

Artica develops intelligent systems for the energy-efficient cooling of buildings. It was founded in 2008 by five students whose different educational backgrounds combined to create the innovative environment that has resulted in the design of an environmentally friendly system for the comfort cooling and ventilation of buildings.

Innovation is rewarded

The young entrepreneurs were supported by Design London’s business incubator, a collaboration between the Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art. The incubator provides a dynamic environment for developing high-growth business ventures that combine creative design with technological innovation. Artica is aiming to revolutionise traditional cooling technologies and has already attracted a lot of attention both in the media and the business world. The company has won international acclaim as well as many prestigious environmental and business awards, including CNBC’s Good Entrepreneur Competition, HSBC Start-Up Stars, Most Innovative Low Carbon Project, and the Feel the Planet Earth Award.

The Artica system is based on thermal energy storage using phase changing materials (PCM’s), which enables cool outside air to be brought in at night to cool buildings for the following day.

As Monodraught technical director Nick Hopper explains: “The concept generates a high-quality indoor climate with the minimum of energy consumption and no need of traditional cooling methods, which typically put a strain on the environment.”

Commenting on the acquisition he says: “Artica gives us greater access to the knowledge and technologies involved in cooling and heating with phase changing materials, which we believe to have great potential. Artica will be integrated into the Monodraught business and our combined competences will be able to offer highly efficient ventilation solutions to clients, consultants and architects.”