Monodraught has announced that it is seeking BBA-approval for its commercial Sunpipe natural daylight systems, which include 300mm, 450mm, 530mm and 750mm models.

Commenting on the decision, managing director Tony Cull says: “As well as enabling us to tender for business that specifically requires the approval, we also believe that Monodraught will be the only manufacturer to offer a BBA-approved range of pipe-based natural lighting systems suitable for medium and large commercial applications.”

Sunpipes are currently undergoing exhaustive independent testing and auditing to confirm Monodraught’s performance claims and quality guarantees. The process includes UV-testing of the diamond dome to confirm its longevity and durability, as well as assessing the performance of Sunpipes in reflecting and intensifying natural daylight along a given section of tube. It is expected that testing will take up to three months.