The users of unit heaters can now obtain the precise heating
and cooling output they require thanks to a new 0 – 100% fan
controller. This is made possible by a new electronic 0 – 100%
single-phase controller that is currently patent pending.
Kampmann is already using it in the new electronic compact
controller for unit heaters.

Kampmann project partners can now
benefit from a new innovation in speed controllers for fan motors with
this new electronic 0 – 100% single-phase controller. Up to now fan
speeds could only be adjusted in stages but Kampmann is using an
invention whereby the alternating current is pulsed directly without
prior rectification. Thanks to linear current draw from the mains,
cables expensively shielded from electromagnetic interference can
now be a thing of the past. The controller produces low-loss and lownoise
speed control and is also extremely efficient in terms of energy

The new electronic compact controller has already been integrated
into Kampmann recirculating air unit heaters and further applications
are planned. Project partners can benefit from optimised demand-led
heating and cooling using the new 0 – 100% controller. Exceptionally
precisely reacting fan motors consume exactly the volume of energy
actually needed for optimum temperature control and the use of this
efficient air handling application in industry and commerce opens up
improved target markets in relation to cost-effectiveness and energy-savings. Kampmann unit heaters are generally used in large
buildings, like supermarkets or production halls and even the cast
aluminium housing of the electronic compact controller has to
withstand tough conditions.

In parallel to the controller’s automatic 0 – 100% operation, there is
also a choice of 0 – 100% or five-stage manual control. The operation of
this compact unit is revealed to the user intuitively, as is the handling
of other features, like the timer program and room temperature
control with setback mode. There are optional extension modules for
large groups of units.