Kampmann has launched a trailblazing development with its new radiant ceiling panel featuring a supply of fresh air that will let designers, users and athletes breathe again.

With the new Galaxis Z., ventilation and radiation heating need no longer be operated separately but can now be operated together to save both cost and space. That can be provided either with an on-site supply air system or integrated into a decentralised air conditioning scheme supplied by Kampmann.

The new radiant ceiling panel creates a ground level environment supplied with fresh air, yet the proven, energy-saving radiation form of heating is maintained. It will appear as a 2.50m long insert section with a supply air unit, fitted between the Galaxis radiant ceiling panels. The supply air unit comprises an air duct, supply air spigots and slot outlets.

The operator can precisely adjust the direction of ventilation by means of adjustable rollers. The energy spent is sensibly used.