Fire is one of the natural elements that fascinates us all. It brings emotion. Gathering around
a camp fire or enjoying life at a fireplace on long winter evenings; who does not dream of that.

Under the name Hall of Flame Van Valderen Eurotrade has developed in cooperation with the top designer Nicolas Thomkins, a new series of outdoor fire places to easily make a hearth fire indoors as well as outdoors.

The heart of these fire places is a burner with an innovative mechanism that is based on the principle of
camera aperture. With this mechanism the intensity of the flames can be adjusted from a small to
a bigger fire. The tank houses a ceramic sponge that enables a nice and flooding wave of flame.

Characteristics of the burner are:

  • Attractive flooding wave of flames
  • Longer burning time of ca. 4,5 hours (1,5 ltr.)
  • Easy to handle adjusting mechanism

All parts of the burner are made of high quality stainless steel, while the frames are of stainless steel and
cast aluminium. The glass parts are made of heat resistant, tempered glass of 8-10 mm thickness.

The fuel to be used is bio-ethanol. This is a bio-fuel which evaporates to steam and CO2.

Because no other vapors are being released and there is no smoke development the fireplace may be used
indoors too.

The Hall of Flame collection consists of the models Trident, Trident deluxe and Colonna low (table model),
medium and high.