With the dining table Compania, Val-Eur meets the growing demand for dining outdoor with larger parties. The table has enough space to seat ten to 12 people comfortably, because the table top rests on a cleverly designed frame with, in total, six legs.

The table legs are placed in such a way that there is always enough space underneath the table, wherever one is seated.

The Compania table is an excellent match for almost every type of chair because of the many available varieties: either with square or round legs, in stainless steel or aluminium. The aluminium legs have been treated with a powder coating in white or taupe. For the tops there is a choice of white and taupe glass or keramixx (a ceramic material) in the new colour pardo.

Dimensions: 380cm x 100cm x 76cm; 300cm x 100cm x 76cm.