We are delighted to inform you that our functional infrastructure elements were chosen for the outfitting of the Athletes’ Village and Victory Park in London. The Park itself was designed by Vogt Landscape London. Selected were the bench system BURRI 02, the removable Public Poller with safety release and the flexible Public Bin waste disposal system.

Tried and tested

The chosen Public Elements were originally developed with architects and city officials in Switzerland and have proven their functionality and ruggedness. They provide seating comfort, safety and efficient waste management in parks, inner cities, airports, train stations and recreational areas.

Swiss precision and quality

Aside from usability and functionality, BURRI public elements places great emphasis on sustainability. This translates into future proof, renewable and resource conserving product design.

Sustainability is also an important theme at the 2012 Summer games, hence BURRI was asked in 2010 to provide several test objects. After intensive evaluation, including blast testing, the delegates of the city of London and the committee were convinced.

Sustainability and economic viability

Despite the current economic climate and the strong Swiss currency, BURRI is often able to partake in international construction projects. This is largely due to the fact that decision makers everywhere are changing their approach regarding long-term investments. Sustainable design and optimised lifecycle costs are not only good for the environment but furthermore help cities and communes to balance their budget, while providing quality services.