Following the recent launch of its industry-first Hotel IPTV Media player for Apple TV, the specialist provider of Apple technology products to the hospitality industry has introduced new capabilities that provide hotel guests with free-to-use global video content – allowing international travellers to enjoy a range of curated content covering entertainment, music, sport, business and more.

Key to the new capability is that guests can access own language and curated home geography content when travelling abroad, at no extra cost to either them or the hotel.

RoomNetTV, the Apple Experts in Hospitality, is the leading provider of Apple-based hotel entertainment and Wi-Fi solutions. By enabling this new content to be used with its Apple TV solution, hotels can considerably enhance the in-room entertainment experience with relevant ‘local home’ language content.

RoomNetTV CEO Darren King said: “Many of us have been in the situation when travelling abroad, where there’s a TV in your room with any number of foreign language channels, but with next to nothing that’s in your own language or something that you readily recognise and can enjoy watching. With no real reason to watch it, it essentially makes the television a redundant part of the room’s décor!”

He continued: “With the introduction of this new content, hotels can provide television content to their guests that are of genuine value to the guest experience. For international travellers who want to keep abreast of news and entertainment at home, this equips hotels with a persuasive additional selling point.”

This new global content is accessible over the internet, which means there’s no reliance on satellite or cable and is provided to supplement the traditional local ‘in country’ IPTV channel line-up. RoomNetTV’s core offering is based on Apple TV infrastructure and its own RNTV Cloud, providing a private network for hotels to easily share personalised content wirelessly to the guestroom TV.

Through RoomNetTV, guests can access their Apple DRM protected content, mirror their gaming apps, surf the internet, and more, directly via their guestroom TV without risk of their personal content being available to other hotel guests.

King added: “Our philosophy is centred on offering a truly unique home-away-from-home hotel experience that enables guests to watch what they want, when they want. For guests away on business, or even those on holiday and looking for some relaxing downtime in between sightseeing, access to personalised content enhances their stay, giving them a more enjoyable experience.”

He concluded: “In room entertainment services play a huge part in the guest’s perception of a hotel – by providing such a diversity of choice, hotels will only serve to enhance their image in the eyes of their guests.”