Hotel guests can now watch live IPTV services using a hotel’s existing infrastructure directly onto AppleTV 4 and Apple TV 4k, thanks to RoomNetTV and the latest development of its Apple TV platform. Furthermore, this solution introduces the first 4K capable guest room entertainment solution for the hotel industry.

Hotel guests can also now login to the Apple TV with their own accounts for iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Hulu and much more to watch their favourite TV shows or movies, safe in the knowledge that when they check-out all their login credentials are removed from the Apple TV. This has been made possible by the introduction of Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Apple TV, which RoomNetTV has successfully integrated with the hotels PMS system.

RoomNetTV CEO Darren King said: “Back in 2012, we introduced hotels to guest room streaming using Apple TV, allowing their guests to watch their content wirelessly on the hotel TV via Airplay. We’re very proud to bring the next ‘industry first’ offering AppleTV4 in its native form, allowing guests to use it as they do at home. Couple the huge Apple App/Content ecosystem with our ‘Live TV’ App for watching the hotels IPTV channels, we believe we can now provide the most comprehensive guest room entertainment solution available in the world.”

He continued: “Consumers have Apps based TV already in their living rooms and throughout their homes. Children rarely watch the TV now, but choose to watch their favourite cartoons on Netflix or Amazon. It’s much the same for adults too! We just want to extend that great user experience to the hotel room and with Apple TV 4 we can finally do that. With voice searching via Siri readily available and the inclusion of Apple’s TV App, finding and watching your favourite show has never been easier.”

Through RoomNetTV, guests can also access their Apple DRM protected content, mirror their gaming apps, surf the internet, and more, directly via their guestroom TV without risk of their personal content being available to other hotel guests.

King added: “Our philosophy is centred on offering a truly unique home-away-from-home hotel experience that enables guests to watch what they want, when they want. For guests away on business, or even those on holiday and looking for some relaxing downtime in between sightseeing, access to personalised content enhances their stay, giving them a more enjoyable experience.”

He concluded: “In room entertainment services play a huge part in the guest’s perception of a hotel, by providing such a diversity of choice, hotels will only serve to enhance their image in the eyes of their guests.”