NoLimit is oriented toward the elimination of every restriction between the fusion of light and light source. It is minimalistic, reduced and efficient with two cubic suspension points. In between the suspension points lies a profile with light source and integrated ballast. These are the basic elements of NoLimit. Less is not possible. NoLimit means small dimensions, a great range of possibilities in light shaping, permanent flexibility and a singular combination of direct, indirect and asymmetric light diffusion.

The luminaire profile is U-shaped with a square cross-section. Fluorescent tubes T5 with the electronic ballast DETEC are housed within a unit measuring 48mm high and 48mm wide. DETEC allows various T5 fluorescent tubes of the same length to be used and interchanged – independent of their power – since DETEC automatically detects the power of the used light source. This provides more flexibility in the planning process.

The basic item of NoLimit is a cube, which connects the light elements mechanically and electrically and, at the same time, serves as a centre of rotation for their orientation. The same cube also allows the suspension and the feeding of the system.

The lighting elements rotate 360° around their longitudinal axis and can therefore be used for direct, indirect and wall washing lighting. When the cube is installed as a central element, it is possible to create many different solutions of light shaping and light configurations. The permanent mobility of the light element and the unique combination of technology and lighting luxury can be used in large rooms. Furthermore, a large proportion of indirect light reflected over the ceiling makes for homogeneous illumination of the room, which produces a very pleasant lighting ambience.