With its micro downlight technology (MDT), Regent is revolutionising glare-free lighting. The new-style light directing element generates the form of direct/indirect illumination that is considered ideal and creates a considerably more comfortable lighting ambience.

The new technology behind MDT is unique: a two-level system consisting of several hundred mini-downlighters, deep-drawn from aluminium reflector material and an inner reflector, which ensure glare-free lighting with outstanding luminous efficiency and a level of light output ratio (LOR) of up to 90%. Moreover, the transformation of luminance by MDT turns a long, narrow source of light into wide, flat illumination. This complex technology is located in a luminous element only four cm high, comprising the light directing element, wiring and control gear.

The extremely flat design opens up the gateway to new architectural possibilities. This makes MDT one of the most energy-saving and cost-effective lighting concepts of our time. MDT is also in line with the new international unified glare rating (UGR) system, thus making simplified competitive bidding and lighting planning possible. Furthermore, MDT is BAP-compliant in accordance with the requirements of DIN 5035-2 (BAP stands for Bildschirmarbeitsplatz or computer work stations), and so guarantees that all work stations are equipped in accordance with standards.

This invention is based on the idea of miniaturising the principle of built-in downlighters; transferring the technology of a reflector built into the ceiling to a compact space. This would make it possible to provide one or more work stations with the lighting technology and lighting luxury used in large rooms. Furthermore, a large proportion of indirect light reflected over the ceiling makes for homogeneous illumination of the room, which produces a very pleasant lighting ambience.