Light was once a luxury. Whoever had a source of light was not dependent on daylight and was superior to his rivals in terms of productivity. Today, light is available nearly everywhere. There are, however, still differences in the arrangement of luminaires, the quality of illumination and simplicity of mounting. The fast availability of optimum light is a modern luxury. ICE from Regent allows the quick and individually adaptable installation of the luminaires, keeping them freely able to position.

ICE – Fast and simple individual light

ICE is a flexible linear system for quick lighting installation. ICE is based on instant contact technology (ICT), the new wiring system from Regent. ICT consists of a wire tension set holding up to nine wires as well as contact-clips. This system not only allows wiring without tools and particularly quick installations, but also offers much more: The electrical connection is made using special contact-clips, which means that there are no bare, current-conducting wires or interruptions to the continuous wiring. Lamps can be replaced and serviced quickly; the current connection via these contact-clips is not affected. ICE fits – without restrictions on length – on three profiles. The number of conductors on site can be freely selected up to a maximum of nine plus nine. The luminaires can be mounted over the entire length in a simple and totally flexible manner, as there are no forbidden zones. The innovative current supply enables the luminaires to be mounted in linear rows without additional reflector connectors.