Hello offers new ideas for light shaping. This innovative linear system uses a harmonious combination of general and accent lighting at the highest level. Hello is available as a freestanding luminaire, but it can also be mounted in a row or as a single luminaire. For this reason, Hello is absolutely flexible for the whole length of the profile. The advantage: a lighting fitting for any space or situation.

Thanks to its minimal design and its use of high quality materials such as anodised aluminium, Hello is predestined to be installed both in professional and institutional fields.

Modularity is at the core of Hello. The different louvres and diffusors, such as MDT in louvre, mirror louvre and satin matt diffusor (850°), enable shadow free direct/indirect lighting.

Absolute extendibility is another advantage of Hello. The linear system can be lengthened without limits and can be perfectly adapted to corners. Ballast module and louvres are positionable without tools, profile covers are clipable and a two point suspension every 2.5m guarantees perfect balance. Hello also utilises the ICE system. Electrical connections are made using instant contact technology (ICT) clips through the wire isolation. This new technology guarantees no bare wire parts.

Installation is easy and time-saving

Hello is a linear system or single luminaire for general and accent lighting and is also available as a free standing luminaire. It is flexible, modular and extendable.