Mankind has been aware of the significance of light for the development and well-being of body and soul for thousands of years. Light is life. It is such a vital and integral part of our daily routine that we have almost forgotten its power and importance. Different situations in everyday life call for different lighting. In our modern lifestyle, living and working environments are becoming increasingly intertwined and the requirements for appropriate lighting for a given situation are also increasing.

Foglia: Glare-free lighting links living and working worlds

Regent has responded to this development with Foglia, the first frameless pendant luminaire based on the patented Micro-Downlight-Technology (MDT). Hundreds of Mini-Downlights provide completely glare-free light with multiple refractions, thereby greatly increasing the lighting comfort. Regent has managed to reduce the grid technology, meaning that the luminaire does not require a frame. This innovative and unique design enables a light-quality unequalled in terms of levity and unobtrusiveness. Foglia provides direct and indirect lighting, perceived as optimal and which can be used for both private and commercial purposes. The glare-free lighting creates an optimal working environment without creating a typical office atmosphere. Foglia from Regent integrates the working area into the living area thanks to MDT, thereby setting new standards in lighting design.