Wellness not only at home, but also in the office.

Now this has become possible thanks to Today, a new lighting concept consisting of ceiling, pendant, recessed and wall-mounted luminaires, as well as free-standing uplighters, suitable for office workplace illumination. Today creates “light windows”, making you feel as if you are under the sky.

Precise micro-prismatic light directing elements in combination with convex, satin diffusers distribute the light softly and evenly. Pleasant light flows down while indirect light is led upwards. Space and shape become tangible.

Today Office with MDT® technology

The desire for an ideal, pleasantly shaped, comfortable lighting for office workplaces is achieved with the high efficiency and optimal glare-free light distribution of Today Office.

Today Office, equipped with the patented light directing element micro downlight technology (MDT), for perfect all-round glare-free lighting, or with the micro-prismatic controlled luminance diffuser (CLD), and a transparent, convex cover, creates an illumination according to most relevant norms and standards. It is also available with the light-management system SensoDim®.

It is ideal for office workplaces:

  • Wide light elements in a visually pleasing form offer ergonomics and comfort.
  • Simple installation: light sources can be changed without using tools by opening one side of the frame.
  • Luminaire-head 2 x 45° orientable.
  • Luminaire-base of the free-standing uplighter is ideal for exact placement between desks.
  • Recessed luminaire with subtle ceiling illumination.
  • Light output ratio (LOR) up to 99%.
  • Available with SensoDim, Regent’s patented light management system.

Today brings light to life.