The shape of light

Light at daytime and at night-time was only a dream several years ago. The Tower of Babel was the attempt to come closer to light. The fascination for light has still not waned. On the contrary, its constant usability has spurred humans onto unimagined achievements. With the development of the new product series, Zoom, Regent turns light dreams into reality and defines new yardsticks in design and light engineering. Under Zoom luminiaries, objects take on a shape and design.

New dimensions of light

With Zoom, Regent offers a hitherto unique lighting concept for various applications in the market: Projectors for indoors and outdoors (IP65) and also downlights in a universal design language. Zoom also enables the use of the most varied light sources within a single style. From simple halogen glow lamps to reflector lamps to high pressure discharge lamps. Up to five fully interchangeable beam spread reflectors per light source are possible: N narrow, S spot, M medium, F flood, O oval.

“With the development of Zoom, we are not only expanding the large range of our high-grade products like with our luminaires, but our customers can also see, conceive and experience the latest technology. In our tall claims, we remain loyal to our universal design style. Even with Zoom, the design travels from the outside to the inside”, said Alessandro Sachs, international commercial director of Regent Beleuchtungskörper AG, Basel, about the new product series. “The objective was to experience the various forms of Zoom luminaires, the new technology and the objects to illuminate in a structural context”, said Klaus Begasse, the famous German product-designer, who designed Vero, InMax and OutMax. “The clarity of shape and the precision of technology: Zoom.” The purist design and the environmental-friendly materials used were carefully coordinated with each another, to avoid, for example, any glued joints. In addition, the separate arrangement of reflector and operation housing provides for an optimum heat management.

Power lies in variety

The focusing ability of the Zoom range facilitates a uniform distribution of light with soft transitions, without producing shadows. A self-stopping fixture is possible in any position completely without tools. The horizontal rotation of 360° (without dead angles) is a technical innovation. In comparison, it becomes clear: The normal projectors and downlights produce only 355°. Even with suspended track applications, an enlarged upward swivel is possible and subsequently offers space for design. Yet another advantage for the suspended track applications is that the projectors are auto-balanced.

The Zoom luminaires


Zoom in its elliptical form. The adjustable surface and track projector range stands for a charming design with a high technical functionality. One can also select from 13 different light sources within a form style: from halogen glow lamps to low-volt halogen lamps, the R-PAR lamp to high pressure discharge lamps. With the flat arrangement under the ceiling, Vero is excellent for illuminating display windows and the cooling ribs in the upper area of the aluminium housing allows for controlled heat transport.

InMax and OutMax:
Zoom in its cubic form for indoors and outdoors (IP65). For the first time, a projector series is available for indoors and outdoors with a universal design style and an innovative technology. InMax is versatile and can be used with up to 11 various light sources within a form style. Due to its noble, purist design and functional technology, InMax is suitable for illuminating showrooms, e.g. in order to present high-tech products in an optimum manner. As floor, wall and surface mounted projectors in the protection class IP65, OutMax offers the most varied options for use. The accessories include, for example, a wallwash-attachment which is optional with changeable colour filters. In this way, one can design colourful accents outdoors and highlight buildings perfectly. The seamless seal also ensures a high aging stability.

Poco Spot and Poco Downlight:

Zoom in its reduced form. Whether as projector or downlight, Poco is suitable for store presentation and offers multiple uses with its stylish, universal design and high technical functionality. The sophisticated technology impresses with its functionality. Thus, Poco Downlight can be used as revolving and swivelling luminaire. The fine adjustment in Poco Spot is done by a pin with imprinted degree scale on the side of the housing.