Philip Payne, the leading exit sign brand in the UK, is proud to have completed another listed building project with the Hotel De La Bere at Ellenborough Park near Cheltenham. An impressive back-catalogue of heritage work and this new projects demonstrates the company’s ability to craft product to fit into the finest of environments.

Interior designer Nina Campbell has specified special colour variants for the products selected for the use on the Hotel De La Bere project. Payne has fashioned emergency lighting products to match external brickwork along with the striking interior design in line with English heritage requirements.

The estate dates back to the late 15th century with the house at the centre of the current refurbishment becoming known as ‘Southam Delabere’ in 1865 whilst under the ownership of the Earl of Ellenborough, a former viceroy of India.

After a series of tenants the house became a private girls school in 1947 before become a hotel in 1973. This most recent project brings the building up to current emergency lighting standards with Philip Payne meeting both colour matching and special mounting requirements to ensure that the impact of these statutory products is minimised.