Philip Payne, part of the FW Thorpe Group, is to enhance its reputation as the UK’s brand leader in bespoke emergency products and signage supply.

Already supplier to many of the UK’s leading building designs, Philip Payne has added two new product lines to their portfolio, both of which have been designed to meet Philip Payne’s two primary objectives – total production flexibility and inherent architectural empathy.

The Super7 – highly functional with exciting design possibilities

The first of the new additions is the Super7. The Super7 combines exciting design lines with installation simplicity, providing architects with the flexibility they require to ensure projects are not only finished to the highest standard but also meet all legal prerequisites.

Moulded in PC/ABS, the Super7 clips together easily and quickly resulting in rapid installation. Meanwhile a first fix option permits the installer to complete mains (and data) wiring before decoration to avoid the potential time and expense of having to “touch-up” any paintwork after installation.

Likewise, as the battery is housed behind an easily removed outer cover, maintenance of the Super7 is simple for the building manager.

The Mini Cylinder – maximum styling, reduced dimensions

The second addition is the Mini Cylinder. While retaining all of the styling and flexibility of the Philip Payne classic Cylinder range, the Mini Cylinder offers a brand new signage option with reduced dimensions. The Mini Cylinder also incorporates the full spectrum of modern emergency control/test options as well as a welcome first fix installation benefit.

The range is LED only and is extremely quick to install. As with the Super7, the Mini Cylinder can be fully wired at the decorating stage, leaving the legend and cover assembly to be easily plugged in and, better still, does not require tools during any part of the installation.