The Clipclad ‘Modular’ duct and ‘Linear’ wall lining
system, bespokely made to a tight specification by BAA, was a revelation at the Heathrow Terminal 5 washrooms.
The fully fitted, pre-wired off-site built modules
enabled installation in just 20min. True to the Grant
Westfield environmental policy, the high-performance panels were made with a core containing re-processed polyurethane and aluminium, and a resin-based scratch-resistant face
material comprising 30% re-cycled glass.

The Clipclad wall panelling and access system has
endless possibilities, as illustrated by the BAA
specification for Heathrow. The versatility of
Clipclad means it is suitable for the education,
corporate and commercial, health and leisure
markets as well as airports and travel. The beautifully
simple system also comes with a Clipclad Seal
option, offering water and dust seals for wet or
hygienic environments. Combine this system with
almost any surface and the results will amaze.