The Pro-gres collection by Refin Ceramiche has received the Premio all’Innovazione Amica per l’Ambiente 2009 award, the prize presented by Italy’s leading environmental organisation Legambiente in their Green Technology category.

This annual award recognises the technology, processes, products, services and innovative management systems that have contributed to the improvement of the environment. The Green Technology category takes innovation in the sector into consideration, as well as renewable sources of energy.

Refin has managed to cover these values wholeheartedly with their Pro-gres collection of tiles which, for the first time in the ceramic industry, are made using post-consumer recycled content: a high-quality paste containing 20% of post-consumer recycled glass from the recovery of the cathode ray tubes of discarded TV sets and PC monitors.

The quest for eco-sustainability

Pro-gres is the result of constant research into eco-sustainable solutions and is perfectly in line with the standards expected from materials to be passed by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Building Rating System, the recognised point of reference for “building green”. The development of Pro-gres was made possible thanks to an exclusive partnership between the Concorde Group and ReMedia, the leading Italian system for the collection of waste electric and electronic equipment.

Pro-gres is an example of a product with extraordinary performance characteristics, the result of Refin’s constant research into technological development and its quest for eco-sustainability. Not only does it represent a huge innovation in ceramics, but it is first and foremost an environmentally eco-sustainable and socially responsible solution for the recycling of unwanted materials.

The award is also an important recognition of the company’s constant commitment towards eco-compatibility. For many years now, Ceramiche Refin has held the Ecolabel certification, the European quality mark awarded to products with low environmental impact.