A recent survey shows that a quarter of Dutch people sometimes have troubles with their neighbours. The most common complaint is noise, especially through music.

Although this study focuses on individuals, sectors such as education, business, nursing also have problems when it comes to soundproofing. Noise caused by speech or office and audiovisual equipment is the main issue.

FAAY Vianen products are all naturally soundproof. Thus, FAAY ceilings offer semi-suspended floating, which reduces the transmission of sound vibrations. In addition, acoustic isolation may be further increased by enhancing the suspended ceiling panels.

The sound-insulating walls of FAAY owe their acoustic insulating properties to the fact that they are integrated in a house separating double-glazed format. In addition, the cavity is filled with mineral wool. The FAAY wall panels provide a solid, single-scaled foundation that gives very high sound insulation.

Because FAAY ceilings and the walls are designed to be acoustically decoupled, a box-in-box is construction possible (even with ‘floating’ floors). The main advantage of such a box-in-box is full acoustic decoupling of the main construction of a home or building. Optimal noise insulation is the result. Contact FAAY to find out more about the acoustic values for ceilings and walls and our specific acoustic insulation ceiling and wall solutions.