Designed to open up even the smallest of spaces in the most contemporary way, ALLOY mirror polished stainless steel tiles have been developed to create a perfect reflective surface.

“ALLOY’s solid stainless steel tiles are carefully designed, manufactured and mirror polished in the ALLOY factory using our exclusive process,” says design director, Jonathon Worner. “No other metal tile will deliver this immaculate mirrored finish.

“For smaller residential spaces, particularly splash backs, I often recommend our unique, mirror polished stainless steel tiles as they offer a sleek look that creates depth and interest. Not only that, but metal tiles are hygienic, water resistant, hard wearing and long lasting,” he says. “Whether incorporated in residential or commercial projects, they can make an arresting design feature when used creatively.”

The ALLOY mirror polished stainless steel finish is available in each of ALLOY’s 26 tile styles to achieve almost any look from the minimal to the more ornate, including the recently launched ‘organic’ Karim Rashid for ALLOY collection.

The ALLOY range of metal tiles is now 260 products strong and are the choice of leading designers and architects from around the world. With an ongoing commitment to design, product innovation and quality manufacture, ALLOY offers its authentic solid metal tiles in a variety of metals, alloys and finishes including stainless steel, brass, copper and titanium.

The original metal mosaic, ALLOY tiles are made in Australia from the highest quality metals to ensure an unsurpassed finish designed to last a lifetime. ALLOY tiles and samples can be ordered direct from ALLOY.