Viracon couples the strength of laminated glass with low-e for super performance

For all its benefits, laminated glass is not normally associated with high-energy performance – until now. Viracon, the largest single-source glass fabricator in the United States, is pushing laminated glass to the next level. The company’s new Viracon laminated low-e (VLE) 57 is a revolutionary glass coating that blends the super-strength of laminated glass with the power of low-e technology.

“VLE-57 ensures that architects and specifiers never have to choose between the safety features of laminated glass and the solar control of a high-performance coating,” says Pat McDermott, director of sales for the southeast at Viracon. “This coating gives you both, complete with a crisp, transparent appearance and high visible light transmission.”

VLE-57 provides enhanced solar control with a low shading co-efficient and low Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient (SHGC) while allowing clear vision through the glass during low-light hours. Because the coating offers a slightly lower visible light transmittance (ranging from 28% – 59%) than many laminated glass coatings on the market, the potential for glare is reduced.

While its performance is exceptional, VLE-57 is also visually stunning. The coating gives vibrancy to the exterior and creates a dramatic façade that distinguishes it from standard low-e coatings.

VLE-57 is available with Poly-Vinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayers of various thicknesses, including Vanceva® Storm and StormGuard™ products.